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Bold Headline

Christine Rondeau가 만듦

버전: 1.3.3

최종 업데이트: 2014-05-15

설치 활성화: 100+

테마 홈페이지

Bold Headline is a minimal single column responsive theme. Responsive is a fancy way of saying that it will look great on mobile devices. I've incorporated Fittext.js in the theme which will make the titles big on larger screen and small on mobile devices. The theme displays excerpts and thumbnail images on the your blog. The thumbnails appear in circular format, and then a larger image is displayed when you navigate to the full post. Bold Headline has three widget areas which will appear in your footer. Google Web Fonts used: Lato + Playfair Display. Bold Headline comes with a RTL stylesheet and Dutch, French and Polish translations.


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