The Accessibility Toolbar


Boost the Accessibility of Any Website with The Accessibility Toolbar

Add front-end accessibility options to your website in just seconds! Add this plugin and immediately provide WCAG compliant features for those with disabilities.

Visitors can change the font, enlarge text size, and find the best color contrast to make sure they can easily consume your content.

User’s preferred accessibility options are saved in their browser so their preferences are automatically loaded when they return to your site or navigate to any other site using the Accessibility Toolbar.

The toolbar is completely mobile responsive and provides a seamless experience for users across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

This is the most elegant accessibility solution available.


  • Front end view of Toolbar collapsed
  • Front end view of Toolbar expanded


2024년 5월 21일
Not only does this plugin make your site less accessible, but it will cause major performance issues and ruin the typography on your site.
2023년 2월 23일 답글 1개
<!– wp:paragraph –> <p>It used to work great. Latest update broke with latest versions of WordPress and Elementor Pro. Only shows a white circle now and also changes phone numbers on the website into links. I don’t need it to do that because I already privacy code to protect phone numbers from bots. It needs better customization. Maybe that is only available on the paid version.</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –> <!– wp:paragraph –> <p>UPDATE: Works well again. Thank you!</p> <!– /wp:paragraph –>
2023년 1월 20일 답글 2개
I’m experiencing the same issue as user ‘mbstephenson2000’. After working well for months, the accessibility icon turned into a white circle and the functionality stopped working. This is what I can find inspecting the element: “Event.path is deprecated and will be removed. Please use Event.composedPath() instead. AFFECTED RESOURCES” I hope someone can have a look at this to come up with a fix. Cheers,Tom
2021년 7월 7일
These little tools are not solutions to ensuring a website is ADA Compliant. However, this is an excellent tool to help resolve minor issues, offer a proactive solution and fill the void that some website’s are unable to do. I have used a few plugins for this and I believe this one is the most complaint, or rather, meets needs much better than others.
2019년 5월 16일
This plugin is so easy to use. Works great out the box and offers per element controls! Love it.
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  • [ 2.0.1 ] – 4/26/2024
  • Patched bug where plugin CSS occasionally conflicted with WordPress Admin Panel
  • Improved formatting & styling on plugin admin panel
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.5.2

  • [2.0.0 ] – 4/3/2024

  • Upgraded the Accessibility Toolbar to our new product Max Access.
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.3 and PHP 8.2
  • Upgraded all customers who previously paid for a pro license to Max Access Standard, which will be reflected on your account. You’re now receiving a far superior service for the same price.

  • [ 1.40.2 ] – 11/09/2022

  • Fixed version number on plugin

  • [ 1.40.1] – 11/09/2022

  • Tested up to wordpress 6.1
  • Added support for up to PHP 8.1

  • [ 1.3.1 ] – 01/26/2021

  • Tested working on version 5.6 of WordPress

  • [ 1.3.0 ] – 02/25/2020

  • Fixed positioning and performance issues.

  • [ 1.2.8 ] – 10/28/2019

  • Added new features for pro version including hiding the account settings gear and positioning the toolbar on either the left or right hand side of the page.

  • [ 1.2.7 ] – 09/23/2019

  • Fixed issue with regex patterns not working within Firefox and IE.

  • [ 1.2.6 ] – 09/18/2019

  • Fixed compatibility issues with phone link script replacing visual composer auto generated class names.

  • [ 1.2.5 ] – 09/10/2019

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Firefox and IE.

  • [ 1.2.2 ] – 05/20/2019

  • Updates to the usibility of the text to speech feature for pro users.

  • [ 1.2.1 ] – 05/20/2019

  • Updated the accessibility menu display conditions.

  • [ 1.2.0 ] – 05/17/2019

  • Added new options for accessibility toolbar pro.

  • [ 1.1.10 ] – 05/16/2019

  • Fixed issue with special function script that was throwing errors when coming across empty anchor tags.

  • [ 1.1.8 ] – 05/15/2019

  • Added new link/button outline as a pro feature.

  • Added a new menu page “Element Controls” that show the special toolbar classes that add control over how the toolbar handles elements on your site.

  • [ 1.1.7 ] – 05/14/2019

  • Updates to the admin dashboard for the toolbar.

  • [ 1.1.6 ] – 05/14/2019

  • The ada-img-hide class now accounts for svgs.

  • [ 1.1.5 ] – 05/14/2019

  • Updated contrast scripts to account for all body p tags that were previously being overlooked.

  • [ 1.1.4 ] – 05/14/2019

  • Adjusted plugin name and added optimization to toolbar front end scripts.

  • [ 1.1.3 ] – 05/13/2019

  • Added functionality for hiding all background images.