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Alt Manager WordPress plugin bulk changes WordPress images Alt and Title attributes text and generate empty values on your (Homepage – Pages – Posts – Blog )[Free Version] (Products – Shop page – Custom Post Type – Custom Post Type archive page)[Premium Version] separately to several dynamic related values, This plugin is a full solution for generating alt and title values.

This Plugin bulk changes images Alt and Title attributes immediately on your website front end, you don’t need to change image info on media library.

Why Alt Manager?

  • Dynamically generate SEO friendly images alt and title.
  • Generate empty and missing images Alt and Title attributes .
  • Change both Alt and Title attributes.
  • Change featured images Alt and Title attributes.
  • Saves a lot of time by bulk changing images Alt and Title attributes.
  • Your original images is safe, changes affect Front-End only.
  • Improve Your WordPress Images SEO performance.
  • Improve Your Images SEO performance search engines.
  • Compatible with WPML.

Works like a charm
It’s perfect, this is what I needed. Now my site SEO score is really high. Thank you!


Very useful plugin
It does exactly what I was looking for.


Why Images SEO performance on search engines?

Images SEO performance is so important on search engines like Google images to bring traffic to your website as its shows your website images on related keywords.

Google Images uses alt text to connect images to the right keywords on Google images. also when your images come on a keyword at Google images it brings also the page URL where this images found.

That’s why Alt Manager comes with dynamic related alt and title to give your website images the best performance on Google images and also to improve your website SEO performance on Google insights and other search engines.

Plugin Features

  • Bulk generate images alt tags.
  • Bulk generate images title tags.
  • Generate only empty images alt tags.
  • Generate only empty title tags.

Alt And Title Supported Values

  • Site Name.
  • Site Description.
  • Page Title.
  • Post Title.
  • Product Title.
  • Image Alt.
  • Image Name.
  • Image Caption.
  • Image Description.

Free Version Supported Types

  • Homepage
  • Blog
  • Posts
  • Pages

Premium Version Supported Types

  • Products
  • Shop page
  • Custom Post Type

Got any issues:

Contact via Plugin support forums.

Premium Version Support

Upgrade to premium Version


  • Alt Manager Admin settings


Just install the plugin on your WordPress website and then you will be able to generate, change and manage images Alt and Title text attributes through Alt Manager settings on admin dashboard.


Why You need This plugin?

This plugin makes your website Images SEO friendly with adding alt and title text that describes your images

How to Use Alt Manager?

Just install and activate the plugin then enjoy the simple settings on WordPress admin dashboard that controls alt and title attributes

Not Working?

  • Please be sure you selected Alt And Title settings through Alt Manager settings on admin dashboard Dashboard -> Settings -> Alt Manager.
  • Make sure you are inspecting image element not a background image.
  • Clear your cache plugin and browser cache.


2022년 5월 18일 2 replies
Plugin ruined my website, Warning Use on your own risk
2022년 3월 5일 1 reply
Great plugin I used in my site any one use wordpress need it's plugin
2021년 6월 7일 1 reply
We have appreciated using this plugin as adding alt and title tags are often overlooked, and it's messy to hover over an image only to see the hyphenated file name show in the tooltip. A very useful addition to site management. Support is also much appreciated. A recent issue was dealt with and resolved almost immediately. Well done!
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  • Fixed empty alt and title.
  • Added homepage latest posts default settings.


  • Fixed cache bug.
  • added multiselect options.
  • added image attachment values to options.
  • added Site Description to supported values.


  • Fixed admin multiselect issue.
  • Fixed Beaver Builder conflict.


  • Fixed attachment caption.


  • Added Generate Only Empty Alt Tags.
  • Added Generate Only Empty Title Tags.