Bonzer Custom Fields Creator


It’s created to enable developers to quickly create wide array of input fields at various locations inside the admin panel.

Locations in admin where custom fields are applicable includes:

  • All Post Types
  • All Taxonomies
  • Pages: Dashboard (Home), Users (Your Profile), Settings (All Pages)


  • PHP >= 5.4
  • bonzer-custom-fields/inc directory must be writable


  • Powerful UI — everything managed on one page, without reloading.
  • 15 types of input fields.
  • Powerful developer options builder.
  • One Field created can be assigned to various locations.
  • Fields search and Filteration.
  • Reorder, delete and duplicate Fields.
  • Reorder and delete Metaboxes.


Documentation is available at


Support is currently provided via email. Mail me at


  • Fields.
  • Metaboxes.
  • Fields Previewer.
  • Field Data.
  • Select Post Types.
  • Select Taxonomies.
  • Select Pages.
  • Select Metabox.
  • Filters.


Go to Plugins Add New upload the zip activate


Go to Plugins Add New search Bonzer Custom Fields install & activate


Why BCF?

Bonzer Custom Fields creator is an elegant fields creator that is bundled with powerful features. It’s a goto solution for those who need to create custom fields quickly.

  • The Fields Creator is built on top of React. It’s a single page app. Everything happens instantly—Field Creation, Location assignment, Metabox Creation, Fields Preview, Filteration and Search.
  • Developers find it very frustating to type options for fields like (select, multi-select and radio). BCF gives you the option to type any code—the condition is that the code must return a valid asssociative array at the end.
  • BCF lets you assign one field to many locations.


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  • A complete interface redesign. Interface is now simple and elegant. More easy to work with it.
  • The Input fields design selection is removed. One design is kept that is clean and beautiful.
  • Tested for many WordPress Versions.
  • Some bug fixed.