Offload, Store, Resize & Optimize with Cloudflare Images


Tired of using expensive CDN plugins that charge ridiculous amounts for something that should be free? Offload your media library to Cloudflare Images and let it handle everything for you – store, resize, optimize and deliver images in the best possible format to your users.

Note from the developer: The plugin is a work in progress, which I created for my personal use, because I got tired with image optimization plugins ignoring real user needs or overcharging for services. If something is not working as expected, or you want a feature added to the plugin, please create a support request, and I will do my best to make it happen.

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  • Quick and easy setup wizard
  • Various options


  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Follow the instructions in the setup wizard through the ‘Media – Offload Settings’ menu in WordPress
  4. Enjoy


How does this work?

The plugin will use the Cloudflare Images service to host all supported images and serve them with the best possible settings to the user.

Is this free?

Yes, the plugin is 100% free. A Cloudflare account with activated Cloudflare Images option is required.
Cloudflare may charge a fee for the use of this feature, depending on the plan used.

What are the supported image formats?

You can upload the following image formats to Cloudflare Images:
* WebP

Are there any other limitations?

These are the maximum allowed sizes and dimensions Cloudflare Images supports:

  • Images’ height and width are limited to 10,000 pixels.
  • Image metadata is limited to 1024 bytes.
  • Images have a 10 megabyte (MB) size limit.
  • Animated GIFs, including all frames, are limited to 100 megapixels (MP).

Why are not all images being replaced in content?

This is just a first iteration of the plugin. I have tested it over a set of projects that I deployed to my clients.
If something is not working for you, please let me know by creating a support ticket on the plugin support forums.


2022년 11월 25일 1 reply
Thank you very much for the add-on. But this plugin doesn't work with Flatsome theme.We request support and update to make it work with Flatsome theme.
2022년 11월 6일 3 replies
Amazing work! It works out of the box. I only had to add the credentials manually in wp-config.php, but that is just 5 seconds of work. If you use cloudflare, go for it! PS: It would be great to have the option of excluding certain file types such as pdf (or doing that automatically by only uploading accepted file types). I have this issue with the bulk uploader - but I just read that the developer is working on that. So, really five big stars! Many thanks for your great work!
2022년 10월 22일 1 reply
解决了大问题,详细补充一下文档里面没有说明的一些问题。 图片上传到cloudflare之后不用担心如何使用,新建一篇文章插入图片,会自动帮你匹配。 靠,居然不能贴图。Prefer 最后,强烈建议使用cloudflare images用户用一下。你会和我一样激动!!!!!
2022년 9월 19일 1 reply
nice plugin thanks man
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1.1.2 – 19.11.2022

* Support for WooCommerce bulk product uploads
* Allow defining a custom domain for the Cloudflare Images service
* Option to skip images in media library from offloading
* Button to disconnect from Cloudflare

* On network installs, plugin can now only be activated on the network level
* When bulk uploading, if no metadata is found for an image – skip the image, instead of failing the whole process
* Minor UI/UX improvements
* Improved compatibility with WordPress 6.1

* Settings redirect to media library after saving

1.1.1 – 24.10.2022

* Improved button styling
* Allow skipping the setup wizard with CF_IMAGES_ACCOUNT_ID and CF_IMAGES_KEY_TOKEN defines

* Argument #1 ($metadata) must be of type array, bool given error

1.1.0 – 09.09.2022

* Global API stats
* Option to disable auto offload
* New and improved UI
* New plugin icon

* Remove autocomplete for setup form fields
* Incorrect stats calculations
* Reset image stats, when no offloaded images found in media library
* Offloading images on servers with outdated SSL libraries

1.0.3 – 05.09.2022

* Fatal error in rare cases


* Support for scaled images
* Detect API key changes or other auth issues

* Improve code quality

* Do not replace images on the editor


* Image statistics

* Better handling of unsupported media types
* Improve UI and UX

* Failed bulk offload if an image path is not defined in metadata
* PHP fatal error with Spectra plugin
* Incorrect status during bulk offload


First release
* Offload images to Cloudflare Images
* Option to disable WordPress image sizes
* Support for custom domains