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2023년 1월 19일
This app worked great, untill something went wrong and it stopped work. People cant send me a messages, they see in red "the message cant be send". I don`t know what happened. Then I triend to change some setting and it started working again, but I didnt see the messages in the text box. I decided to write the support team. They asked me for an acces to my admin wordpress panel and for ftp acces and I gave them the passords. They found and solve the problem fast. The support was great! Now I highly reccomend this plugin!


2021년 4월 22일 7 replies
A PHP session was created by a session_start() function call. This interferes with REST API and loopback requests. The session should be closed by session_write_close() before making any HTTP requests.
2021년 2월 22일
I needed hosting support to install the contact form because some adjustments were required by FTP. Also, the upgrade to contact form pro and multi didn't go smoothly. WEBSOFT support was fast and effective, no major issues. Awesome support from Websoft tech. Many thanks!! I recommend Websoft contact form.
2020년 10월 4일 1 reply
Needs to update 3 columns and responsive all screens.
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