Export Plugin Details


This plugin allows you to export your installed plugin list in CSV format. CSV file having the following fields

  1. Plugin Name
  2. Description
  3. Author
  4. Active/Inactive
  5. Current Version
  6. Update Available(Yes/No)
  7. New Version

Kindly let us know your feedback or comments to add more features in this plugin.


  • View details before export
  • Success page for plugin export


  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Type Export Plugin Details in the search box and click on search button.
  3. Find Export Plugin Details plugin.
  4. Then click on Install Now after that activate the plugin.


2023년 3월 9일
Thank you very much for creating this unique and free plugin! It's so perfect as is. 2 suggestions if you decide to extend its abilities:Version of Wordpress and a similar list of themes could be included.
2023년 2월 14일 1 reply
Would be cool if it was exporting plugins data like settings too 🙂
2022년 8월 27일
Clean and simple, it does what it promises under 'Description'. I'm currently facing the job of checking theme and plugin support for WP 6.x and PHP 8.x. So here's some suggested additional functionality: 1. Clickable links to the plugin pages on wordpress.org. That information seems to be available in the db when I look at the Plugins page: .../wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=plugin-information&plugin=list-categories This would require a .html download instead of .csv. 2. One (probably big) step further: WP and PHP version compatibility per plugin.
2022년 8월 6일 2 replies
Oh, finally a quick solution for a textual snapshot of plugins status. REQUEST: set for the exported file the site name (without special chars), e.g. "my.special-site.com" -> "myspecialsitecom_1659768922_plugin-details.csv"
2022년 3월 1일 1 reply
Halo Author. Your plugin is so simple to use and fast in processing. It make sense for me and help me so bad! Great plugin!
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