FlashSpeed aims at getting your WordPress and WooCommerce sites up-to-speed as it removes unused assets and allows you to fine-tune what WordPress loads.

As a result, you cut down the ressources and assets needed, which greatly improves your loading times. It’s time to get WordPress and WooCommerce in the fast lane!

The settings page allows you to:

  • remove useless meta tags (depending on your use case)
  • set a custom favicon for frontend and backend
  • disable unneeded assets
  • limit posts revisions

With FlashSpeed Pro you can also:

  • set local Google Analytics tracking
  • preload pages using Instant Page
  • add custom code to header, body and footer easily
  • set all the necessary security headers conveniently


  • Remove unwanted meta tags and set a custom favicon.
  • Remove and disable unwanted assets to speed up your site.


  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Visit the ‘Login Redirect’ settings page to set your login and logout redirects or edit your login page’s styles.


None yet. Ask away!


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1.1.1 – 2023-04-27

  • Enhancement – group all jQuery options together
  • Enhancement – namespace admin fields to reduce conflicts with other plugins
  • Fix – solve warning in Permission Policy module
  • Fix – order assets dependencies in a consistent order

1.1.0 – 2023-04-12

  • Enhancement – brand-new user interface
  • Enhancement – improve code logic for security headers to ensure they are not output twice
  • Enhancement – add help text to textarea options
  • Enhancement – use prepare() for queries
  • Enhancement – only load assets for our plugin page
  • Update – upgrade instant.page
  • Update – POT file and translations
  • Update – tested comptability with WP 6.2.0
  • Update – FS library

Older versions changes can be found in the changelog