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2018년 1월 26일 답글 1개
This plugin has revolutionized the way we integrate Infusionsoft with our Wordpress website. We have a premium subscription, but even the basic level is a game changer. The flexibility that it offers, the variety of styling and customizability that it brings, without having to sacrifice any functionality, and the speed and quality of its support team have made it an essential part of our Infusionsoft process.
2018년 1월 15일 답글 1개
Great software that allows me to get great looking Wordpress Forms and have it connect to my Infusionsoft account. The support is fantastic when I encountered a problem (user error) they got back to me quickly with steps to show me exactly what I needed to do. If you are tired of plain looking Infusionsoft forms this plugin is a must.
2017년 12월 22일
Been a user since the beginning. I especially like customization for error messages and how it handles special characters. I use it for all my clients.
2017년 12월 19일 답글 1개
It’s so nice to have good-looking Infusionsoft forms! I find FormLift easy to use for the most part. My two complaints are that I can only have one design site-wide and that there are ALWAYS multiple messages from FormLift at the top of the wp-admin area. ALWAYS. They never go away no matter how many times I “dismiss” them. C’mon guys– You’re not the only plugin trying to get a message across. Give me a break. Once I dismiss a message, leave me alone. Please?
2017년 7월 28일
I actually hate working with clients who use InfusionSoft as it is such a pain to style their webforms. Not any more! This plugin makes it super simple and gives some great insights as well. Will always use this for any clients who have InfusionSoft in the future.
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