Fullwidth Templates for Any Theme & Page Builder


Full Width Page Templates For Your Website

Does your theme offer full width page templates? Need freedom to design beautiful full width layouts with page builder like Beaver Builder, Elementor? Need a complete blank template without header or footer for your landing pages?

This plugin adds Fullwidth Page Templates to overcome these limitations.

Here is a quick video explaining how this plugin works

Blank Template

  • Removes header, footer, sidebar, comments, title and leaves you with a plain canvas
  • Awesome for landing pages where you need complete control over your layout

Full Width Template

  • Removes Sidebar, page title, comments and stretches the layout to full width
  • Ideal if you’re using a Page Builder

Bonus – No Sidebar Template

  • Just Removes Sidebar
  • Perfect if your theme does not have No Sidebar option.
  • Rest of the layout & styling will remain intact.

Made to work with Page Builders
When you’re using a Page Builder, things like the default page title, boxed layout, extra margin and padding usually get in your way. This plugin puts you in absolute control and removes all unnecessary elements from your layout.

Dead Simple
It adds three simple options for your pages & posts. Just choose the one and you should be all set.

Potable & No Lock-in
If you’re anything like us, you care what happens when you switch your themes. Generally changing theme means, you will need to edit all your pages and change templates. But if you’re using a plugin like this – you won’t have to worry about it.

Supported & Actively Developed
Need help with something? Have an issue to report? Get in touch with us on GitHub.

Some of the popular themes

  • Genesis Framework by StudioPress
  • Primer Theme by GoDaddy
  • Twenty Sixteen

Disclaimer –

This option works on most of the themes; but it might not work on few depending on it’s layout structure.
Please open up an issue on GitHub or send us a pull request for adding compatibility with your theme.

Project by Brainstorm Force.


  • Extra Template Selection Options for Pages & Posts
  • Default View on Primer Parent Theme
  • No Sidebar Template
  • Fullwidth Template
  • Blank - No Header / Footer Template


  1. Install Fullwidth Templates either via the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server at wp-content/plugins.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. When creating or editing pages you will see options to select the fullwidth templates in the template selection dropdown, select any of the three templates and update the page.

Check Screenshots for more details.


2020년 March 14일
I was looking for this solution for almost 3 months and I failed to find full width solution for my wp them. Finally I found this plugin and believe me this plug is so amazing that let you choose the width option for pages as well as posts. Thank you very much for the plugin.
2020년 January 25일
Really very very good plugin, very useful, very practical !!! I have been looking for a solution a while ago to allow, on Woocommerce, to pass some of the pages products in fullwidth, and it is a nightmare because this plugin does not allow this easily and natively ! (nooooooooo) Your plugin allows this, easily, and by managing the pages individually, that happiness ! i'am happy........... To see the number of forums looking for this kind of easy solution, me if I were you I will focus my communication on "woocommerce fullwidth pages products" ... 😉 Big thanks
2019년 July 27일
I use the High End theme by HB Themes. It's a FANTASTIC theme, and I highly recommend it. The only problem is that it doesn't offer a proper full-width template that just simply removes the sidebar and it's incredibly annoying trying to build a new page with an empty space where the sidebar would be even though I've set the default template to not have one. It was incredibly frustrating and this plugin fixed that problem without breaking the site. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this.
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  • Make the plugin translation compatible.


  • Prevent direct access to php files.
  • Prevent direct access to directories.
  • i18n: Load plugin translations.
  • i18n: Use translation function for text strings.


  • New: Support for storefront theme.
  • New: Support Custom Post types created by plugin Custom Post Type UI.


  • Initial Release