HappyVR – WordPress 360 Panorama Viewer


HappyVR is a plugin that enables you add interactive 360 photos to your WordPress website.

How To Use

To insert a panorama into a web page, you should use the shortcode “happyvr”, for example [happyvr image=”panorama.png”].
Shortcode parameters:
image – url of panoramic image for display in equirectangular format
title – panorama title on the bottom left
class – additional css classes applied to the panorama container
width – panorama width, the value can be in px or %
height – panorama height, the value can be in px or %


  1. No Flash Needed
  2. Compatible with Modern Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari.
  3. Supports both mouse and touch.


  • go to the WordPress admin console
  • go to “Plugins” -> “Add New”
  • search for “HappyVR”
  • Click “Install Now”
  • Click “Activate”


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  • Initial release