Import Users from CSV


This plugin allows you to import users from an uploaded CSV file. It will add users with basic information as well as meta fields and user role.

You can also choose to send a notification to the new users and to display password nag on user login.

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  • Imports all users fields
  • Imports user meta
  • Update existing users by specifying ID field
  • Allows setting user role
  • Sends new user notification (if the option is selected)
  • Shows password nag on user login (if the option is selected)

For feature request and bug reports, please use the forums.
Code contributions are welcome on Github.

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  • User import screen


워드 프레스를 통해 자동 설치 :

  1. 당신의 워드 프레스 관리자 영역에서 ‘추가 새로운’플러그인 화면으로 이동
  2. Search for ‘Import Users from CSV’
  3. ‘지금 설치’를 클릭하고 플러그인을 활성화
  4. Upload your CSV file in the ‘Users’ menu, under ‘Import From CSV’

FTP를 통해 수동 설치 :

  1. Upload the import-users-from-csv directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. 당신의 워드 프레스 관리자 영역에서 ‘플러그인’화면을 통해 플러그인을 활성화
  3. Upload your CSV file in the ‘Users’ menu, under ‘Import From CSV’

대신 FTP의, 워드 프레스를 통해 플러그인을 업로드하려면 :

  1. 당신의 워드 프레스 관리자 영역에서 ‘추가 새로운’플러그인 화면 ( ‘업로드’탭 참조)에 다운로드 한 zip 파일을 업로드하고 활성화합니다.
  2. Upload your CSV file in the ‘Users’ menu, under ‘Import From CSV’


How to use?

Click on the ‘Import From CSV’ link in the ‘Users’ menu, choose your CSV file, choose if you want to send a notification email to new users and if you want the password nag to be displayed when they login, then click ‘Import’.

Each row in your CSV file should represent a user; each column identifies user data or meta data.

If a column name matches a field in the user table, data from this column is imported in that field; if not, data is imported in a user meta field with the name of the column.

Look at the example.csv file in the plugin directory to have a better understanding of how the your CSV file should be organized.

You can try importing that file and look at the result.


Thanks to Ulrich Sossou for initially creating this plugin. Be sure to check out his other WordPress plugins or GitHub profile.


2024년 4월 9일
The external plug-in used to work perfectly, since they force us to use this plugin for Paid Memberships Pro I have had nothing but failures. Constantly exceeds the memory of the server, error 500 constantly, I deleted the import_membership_id field damaging many logical programming that I have on my site with this field … They should give the option to use this or the previous one.
2022년 9월 1일
Worked really well. Two tips for new users: 1) Use the example CSV file to get your data formatted for import 2) Ensure you use ALL the columns required (you don’t need to worry about the custom ones) Thanks for saving me loads of pain importing multiple users.
2022년 5월 18일
I downloaded this plugin in desperation yesterday and it did exactly what I needed it to. The sample of what the csv file should look like enabled me to merge data from MailChimp and WooCommerce to add user to the site, so they could log in. Terrific plug-in!
2021년 8월 11일
It met my need immediately. Thank you for creating and maintaining this plugin.
2019년 1월 21일
Update 1.0.1 works great, definitely recommend this plugin. Thanks
2017년 2월 19일
Hello, Just I want to say thanks very much for your plugin. it helps me to develop my custom plugin to import a custum database. BIG thanks :))
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  • bug fix: restore missing notice file


  • bug fix: don’t instantiate serialized objects


  • BUG FIX: Ensure user running import has the ability to add users
  • Update tested to
  • minor UI update


  • ENHANCEMENT: Added support for WPCLI (@mircobabini)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added support for multiple roles during import, use comma-separated value for multiple roles (@mircobabini)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Removed password nag option as this is no longer supported.
  • ENHANCEMENT: New filter added ‘is_iu_errors_filter’ for throwing error messages. Helpful for third party developers extending onto IUCSV functionality.


  • Fixed timeout bug on import.
  • Improved settings area layout.
  • General code refactor and improved security.
  • Screenshot update.


  • Fixed bug where importing fields with “0” value doesn’t work
  • Added option to update existing users by username or email


  • Removed example plugin file to avoid invalid header error on


  • Changed code to allow running import from another plugin


  • Switched to RFC 4180 compliant library for CSV parsing
  • Introduced IS_IU_CSV_DELIMITER constant to allow changing the CSV delimiter
  • Improved memory usage by reading the CSV file line by line
  • Fixed bug where any serialized CSV column content is serialized again
    on import


  • Fixed php notice when importing


  • Don’t process empty columns in the csv file


  • Fixed bug where password field was overwritten for existing users
  • Use fgetcsv instead of str_getcsv
  • Don’t run insert or update user function when only user ID was
    provided (performance improvement)
  • Internationalization
  • Added display name to example csv file


  • Added role to example file
  • Fixed bug with users not imported when no user meta is set


  • Added missing example file
  • Fixed bug with redirection after csv processing
  • Fixed error logging
  • Fixed typos in documentation
  • Other bug fixes


  • First public release.
  • Code cleanup.
  • Added readme.txt.


  • First release.