Use blocks, and, optionally, “short-form” post types to easily “IndieWebify” your WordPress site.

IndieBlocks registers several blocks (Bookmark, Like, Reply, and Repost, as well as the older Context block) that take a URL and output corresponding microformatted HTML.

In combination with a microformats-compatible theme, these help ensure microformats clients are able to determine a post’s type.

It also comes with “short-form” (Note and Like) custom post types, and a (somewhat experimental) option to add microformats to (all!) block-based themes.

These microformats, in combination with the Webmention protocol, allow for rich cross-site conversations. IndieBlocks comes with its own Webmention implementation, but a separate plugin can be used, too.

IndieBlocks also registers several “theme” blocks (Facepile, Location, Syndication, and Link Preview), to be used in “block theme” templates.


이 플러그인은 10(을)를 제공합니다.

  • Facepile
  • Bookmark
  • Reply
  • Like
  • Link Preview
  • Repost
  • Facepile Content
  • Context
  • Location
  • Syndication


Upload this plugin’s ZIP file via the Plugins > Add New > “Upload Plugin” button.

After activation, head over to Settings > IndieBlocks, and enable or disable its different features.

More details can be found on Issues may be filed at


How does this plugin interact with the various other IndieWeb plugins?

While IndieBlocks does not depend on any other plugin, it is compatible with, and extends, the Micropub plugin for WordPress. See for some more information.

IndieBlocks’ Facepile and Syndication blocks also aim to be compatible with, respectively, the Webmention and Syndication Links plugins.


2023년 10월 11일
Stumbled on this plugin after a long day of testing Webmention, Indieweb, Bridgy and the like in the context of a fedified blog (via ActivityPub).A lot of interesting experiments, including the basic Microformats2 implementation. Waiting for the next updates!
2023년 1월 22일
This plugin works really well and is a nice block-based upgrade to the Post Kinds plugin in the main IndieWeb plugin for Likes, Notes, Replies, and Bookmarks. Great Webmention support. I like being able to add the context block anywhere, too. Currently in use on
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Send webmentions also for comments, to mentioned sites and the comment parent, if it exists and itself originated as a webmention.


Fix Webmention backlinks in Facepile block, add avatar background and icon color pickers.


Overhaul theme microformats functionality.


Fix issue with saving meta from block editor. Fix Markdown in Micropub notes.


Various bug fixes. Add Link Preview block. Also, webmentions are now closed when comments are, although this behavior is filterable.


Add Location block. The Facepile block now supports v5.0 and up of the Webmention plugin.


Store temperatures in Kelvin rather than degrees Celsius. Update masterminds/html5 to version 2.8.0. Add Location block.


“Facepile” likes, bookmarks, and reposts.


Add Bookmark, Like, Reply and Repost blocks. Additional title options.


Add indieblocks/syndication-links block.


Minor bug fix, new plugin URL.


Fix rescheduling of webmentions from the classic editor.


Webmention tweaks.


Slight block changes. Bug fixes, and basic Webmention support.


Slightly improved “empty” URL handling, and permalink flushing. Additional CPT, feed and Micropub options. Date-based CPT archives, and basic location functions.


Very first version.