MailingBoss WP Plugin


MailingBoss WP Plugin allows you to connect your WordPress blog directly into your MailingBoss account.


  • Easy connection to your MailingBoss account;
  • Add your sign-up forms in your posts or pages using the form block;
  • Show your sign-up on your sidebar or footer using the MailingBoss Widget.

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MailingBoss WP Plugin


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  • MailingBoss Forms


  1. From the admin panel, go to your WordPress Admin -> Plugins -> Add New. Search for MailingBoss WP Plugin. Install and Activate. Alternatively, create a folder called mailingboss into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, and upload the entire content from this repository;
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress;
  3. Set [your Integration Key Token](Find on MailingBoss, Menu Integration, Copy Integration Key) in the plugin settings.


2021년 11월 16일
This plugin does what it says it does, it allows you to connect your WordPress blog directly to your Mailingboss account. What it does not explain is that it also exposes the forms to SPAM bots. The Builderall team have repeatedly shut down the forms using this plugin, because of the volume of SPAM that the form collects. IMPORTANT: Your Mailingboss list is receiving automated registrations from scripts called "SPAMBOTS". This type of attack damages the reputation of your sending domain and the IPs of our servers. To preserve our servers and your domain's ability to continue sending emails, the list has been blocked by our system. A new list with the prefix NEW will be created in your account. The system will copy the confirmed subscribers to this new list. To use the new list, you will need to follow these steps: 1. Change the address of the capture page and add a Captcha protection; 2. Change the form on your landing page with the new list; 3. Change your campaigns and automations to the new list. If you have any questions about this process, please contact our support. Sincerely, Builderall Team I have installed and tested three different reCaptcha plugins. None of the plugins, nor the different versions of reCaptcha have been able to work with the forms via this plugin. I have informed Builderall support and they are aware of this issue, but can offer no support other than for me to make a suggestion for a future improvement. I have also posted in the support forum for this plugin about this issue, but have not received any feedback. In short, if you wish to use Mailingboss you will need to use Builderall's Cheetah website builder. The Cheetah forms have a built in captcha integration that protects the Mailingboss list.
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  • List overview link to MailingBoss 5.0;


  • Bug fix;


  • Integration with Builderall 5.0;


  • Bug fix;


  • Bug fix;


  • Bug fix;


  • Adjusted plugin to hide fields and display help text as configured for the list field.;


  • Bug fix;


  • Fixed ordering of form fields;


  • Version 1.0.9 – Add required HTML5 validation;


  • Fixed ordering of form fields;


  • Added CSS style of the submit button option;


  • Bug fix;


  • Bug fix;


  • Added compatibility with all types of form fields;
  • Added submit label configuration;


  • Added treatment for checkbox type fields;


  • Fixed random synchronization error;


  • Uninstall method fixed
  • Minor optimizations


  • Initial release