Redux Framework


Redux is a simple, truly extensible and fully responsive options framework for WordPress themes and plugins. Built on the WordPress Settings API, Redux supports a multitude of field types as well as: custom error handling, custom fields & validation types, and import/export functionality.

But what does Redux actually DO? We don’t believe that theme and plugin
developers should have to reinvent the wheel every time they start work on a
project. Redux is designed to simplify the development cycle by providing a
streamlined, extensible framework for developers to build on. Through a
simple, well-documented config file, third-party developers can build out an
options panel limited only by their own imagination in a fraction of the time
it would take to build from the ground up!

Online Demo

Don’t take our word for it, check out our online demo and try Redux without installing a thing!

Use the Redux Builder to Get Started

Want to use Redux, but not sure what to do? Use our builder! It will allow you to make
a custom theme based on _s, TGM, and Redux, and any Redux arguments you want to set.
Don’t want to make your own theme? Then output a custom admin folder that you can place
in a theme or plugin. Oh and did we mention it’s free? Try it today at:

Docs & Support

We have extremely extensive docs. Please visit If that doesn’t solve your concern, you should search the issue tracker on Github. If you can’t locate any topics that pertain to your particular issue, post a new issue for it. Before you submit an issue, please read our contributing requirements. We build off of the dev version and push to when all is confirmed stable and ready for release.

Redux Framework Needs Your Support

It is hard to continue development and support for this free plugin without contributions from users like you. If you enjoy using Redux Framework, and find it useful, please consider making a donation. Your donation will help encourage and support the plugin’s continued development and better user support.

Fields Types

  • Background
  • Border
  • Button Set
  • Checkbox / Multi-Check
  • Color (WordPress Native)
  • Color Gradient
  • Color RGBA
  • Date
  • Dimensions (Height/Width)
  • Divide (Divider)
  • Editor (WordPress Native)
  • Gallery (WordPress Native)
  • Image Select (Patterns/Presets)
  • Import/Export
  • Info (Header/Notice)
  • Link Color
  • Media (WordPress Native)
  • Multi-Text
  • Password
  • Radio (w/ WordPress Data)
  • Raw (HTML/PHP/MarkDown)
  • Section (Indent and Group Fields)
  • Select (Select/Multi-Select w/ Select2 & WordPress Data)
  • Select Image
  • Slider (Drag a Handle)
  • Slides (Multiple Images, Titles, and Descriptions)
  • Sortable (Drag/Drop Checkbox/Input Fields)
  • Sorter (Drag/Drop Manager – Works great for content blocks)
  • Spacing (Margin/Padding/Absolute)
  • Spinner
  • Switch
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Typography
    • The most advanced typography module complete with preview, Google fonts, and auto-css output!

Additional Features

  • Field Validation
  • MANY translations. (See below)
  • Full value escaping.
  • Required – Link visibility from parent fields. Set this to affect the visibility of the field on the parent’s value. Fully nested with multiple required parents possible.
  • Output CSS Automatically – Redux generates CSS and the appropriate Google Fonts stylesheets for you on select fields. You need only specify the CSS selector to apply the CSS to (limited to certain fields).
  • Compiler integration! A custom hook runs when any fields with the argument compile => true are changed.
  • Oh, and did we mention a fully integrated Google Webfonts setup that will make you so happy you’ll want to cry?

Get Involved

Redux is an ever-changing, living system. Want to stay up to date or
contribute? Subscribe to one of our mailing lists or join us on Facebook or Twitter or Github!

NOTE: Redux is not intended to be used on its own. It requires a config file
provided by a third-party theme or plugin developer to actual do anything

Privacy Policy

Redux Framework uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user’s confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.

Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure a great user experience for all our users.

Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.

Learn more about how Appsero collects and uses this data.


Redux is was originally based off the following frameworks:

It has now a completely different code base. If you like what you see, realize this is a labor of love. Please donate to the Redux Framework if you are able.


  • This is the demo mode of Redux Framework. Activate it and you will find a fully-functional admin panel that you can play with. On the Plugins page, beneath the description and an activated Redux Framework, you will find a Demo Mode link. Click that link to activate or deactivate the sample-config file Redux ships with. Don't take our word for it, check out our online demo and try Redux without installing a thing!


For Complete Documentation and Examples



Why doesn’t this plugin do anything?

Redux is an options framework… in other words, it’s not designed to do anything on its own! You can however activate a demo mode to see how it works.

How can I learn more about Redux?

Visit our website at

You don’t have much content in this FAQ section

That’s because the real FAQ section is on our site! Please visit


2020년 August 3일
I've been using Redux v3 for years and excited about the new Redux v4. It has only recently been officially released so there may be some issues here and there, but Dovy and his team seem to respond and help out very quickly. I personally didn't have any issues bumping up to v4, but I've noticed some people have. The best thing to do is test locally or on a test site before updating a live website... and always backup the website and database before updating a framework such as Redux or anything similar 🙂 Keep up the good work Redux and thanks for allowing me to more easily provide my clients with theme options they expect!
2020년 August 3일
The update its so bad, now the plugin its like premium or something like that, also the update damage a lot of functions of my website what works normally on the previous version. Im searching for a new option but in the meantime i will be using the previous version. Simply, bad.
2020년 August 1일
Redux was for a completely different purpose which is for developers to create Options framework. They have changed the plugin suddenly to a page builder something like that. It doesn't make sense and they are using the previous plugin's reputation. The plugin's performance is dying slowly. Will report this.
2020년 August 1일
Was trying to understand why the site is slow, it turned out that this plugin truly slows down your website. Unreliable.
2020년 August 1일
I spoke with Dovy about a problem I was having with a clients website. I hadn't used the Redux framework before but Dovy was more than happy to help and quickly solved an issue I was having. It's rare to find someone who so clearly cares about their work and is so helpful. Thank you!
2020년 August 1일
The only real problem I have with the Redux Framework is that it doesn't appear to be compatible with other custom blocks plugins - specifically, Quebly Blocks Pro. I get that Redux would prefer that everyone use their blocks, but there are times when the blocks offered by Redux don't fit what's needed. So having to deactivate and reactivate back-and-forth just to get another blocks plugin to work is - for lack of a better word - annoying.
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  • Fixed: Compatibility issue when developers made custom panel templates. The opt_name wasn’t fetched and thus saving broke.
  • Release date: Aug 1, 2020


  • Fixed: Map files are now all present.
  • Fixed: Path fix for how developers called the typography file directory.
  • Release date: Aug 1, 2020


  • Fixed: Issue with sortable in text mode not properly passing the name attribute and thus not saving properly.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with old extension names to not crash other plugins.
  • Release date: July 31, 2020


  • Fixed: Issue with customizer double loading the PHP classes and causing an exception.
  • Fixed: Chanced a class name as to not conflict with a 6+ year old version of Redux.
  • Release date: July 30, 2020


  • Fixed: Google fonts not working when old configs used string vs an array for output.
  • Release date: July 30, 2020


  • Fixed: Google fonts loading over non-secure breaks fonts. Forced all SSL for Google fonts. 🙂
  • Release date: July 30, 2020


  • Fixed: Issue where theme devs tried to bypass the framework. Literally I made an empty file to fix their coding. 😛
  • Release date: July 29, 2020


  • Fixed: Don’t try to set empty defaults when none are present.
  • Fixed: Issue where the WP Data argument was misused.
  • Release date: July 29, 2020


  • Fixed: CSS decode when esc_attr replaces the HTML characters and CSS outputs are set with >’s.
  • Release date: July 29, 2020


  • Fixed: Compatibility with certain themes using the deprecated $_is_plugin variable.
  • Release date: July 29, 2020


  • Fixed: Complete compatibility fix for older Redux extensions.
  • Release date: July 28, 2020


  • Fixed: Initial library load was failing on some server setups.
  • Release date: July 28, 2020


  • Fixed: Race condition for PHP include for Redux_Typography causing blank white screens.
  • Release date: July 28, 2020


  • Fixed: Issues where the site crashes because of varied ways Redux was called.
  • Fixed: Varied implementations of opt_names resulting in option panels not working as expected.
  • Release date: July 28, 2020


  • Release date: July 24, 2020