SendPulse Free Web Push


SendPulse Web Push is a WordPress plugin that allows you to send web push campaigns.

Web push notifications are instant notifications sent to subscribers’ devices. They allow you to quickly inform your customers about recent news, sales, order statuses, or other important events.

Your site visitors can sign up to receive notifications about your new posts or important events.


  1. Browsers supported: Chrome (Desktop & Android), Firefox (Desktop), and Opera (Desktop) on both HTTP and HTTPS sites.
  2. Offline notifications: Users will see your notification as soon as they go online.
  3. Personalization and segmentation: Your site visitors can receive personalized notifications. Segment your web push campaigns based on users’ location or other details.
  4. A/B Testing: Maximize your web push campaigns’ CTR by split-testing them.
  5. Trigger messages and bulk messages: Send web push notifications via your personal account, or create automated campaigns triggered by certain events.
  6. Real Time Stats: Monitor your open rate, click-through rate, subscription rate, and more.
  7. Developer API: Use SendPulse’s API to send web push notifications, emails, and SMS messages via a single platform.

    Send an unlimited number of web push notifications to 10,000 subscribers for free. With RSS, your subscribers will receive notifications as soon as a new post is published on your WordPress site.

    Create a SendPulse account to start sending your web push campaigns.


  • Web push notifications work on Android devices (in Chrome and Firefox)
  • Notifications are in the bottom right corner on Windows
  • Web push notifications are shown in the top right corner on OS X


Installation is plain and simple

  1. Add the plugin to WordPress by searching and installing, uploading a zip, FTP copy, or some other way, and activate it
  2. Mark the checkbox if you want to pass information about your registered users to your account.

SendPulse account is required. Please sign up free at


Do I need and Apple Developer Account or Google Developer account?

No, it’s on us

Do my subscribers have to create an account at SendPulse?

No, they just subscribe in the browser, it’s a one-click
subscription. No any accounts required.

Do you support Firefox web push?

Yes we do


2024년 2월 16일
Used a lot of web push services before for own sites. Your service the best of the best! Also thank you for this plugin. It’s simple and just work after activation. All setting set from your service dashboard in one place and apply immidiately. Great! Great! Great!
2017년 2월 14일
I have just started a small business and started a free trial (which is a plus) with Sendpulse and I love their service. I have moved on from the free trial into a pay as you go plan and couldn’t be happier. Their service is fast and straight-forward. Their live chat has been a big help for a newcomer like me. I highly recommend the free trial but I am sure you will love it to be a permanent user.
2017년 2월 1일
This plugin is what I have been looking for. It really helps me to solve the serious problems which irritated me for a long time. No errors and viruses. It works fast. Thanks a lot for this file
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