Gallery Blocks with Lightbox. Image Gallery, (HTML5 video , YouTube, Vimeo) Video Gallery and Lightbox for native gallery


SimpLy Gallery Blocks is a friendly, easy-to-use gallery plugin with a list of advanced options for creating responsive Image, Video, Audio galleries.

SimpLy Lightbox Plugin easily displays all linked images from a post or page in highly customizable lightbox. Compatible with native WordPress gallery (Block or Classic Editor). Each Post or Page can have a unique lightbox setting.



  • Tags Filter
  • Hidden Gallery
  • Supports Photo, Video *MP4, YouTube, Vimeo and Audio *MP3 Lightbox is enabled by default
  • HTML5 Browser History support – Deep linking Disabled by default
  • Lightbox – Mouse wheel navigation and Fading Transition
  • (카운트다운 타이머가 있는) 자동 슬라이드쇼 지원
  • 멀티터치 제스쳐 지원
  • 썸네일 지원
  • 완전 반응형
  • 모바일 친화
  • 무제한 색상
  • SVG 아이콘
  • 물리 기반 애니메이션
  • 전체화면 지원
  • 브라우저 기능 제어 (스크롤바, 마우스휠, 우클릭 방지)
  • Inactive State detection
  • Smart Resizing
  • HTML Caption (Attachment Caption or Alternative Text)
  • Keyboard and mouse wheel support (navigate and zoom)
  • Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Smart Loading

Unrivaled, in every way

The first of its kind, SimpLy Gallery Blocks offers an unrivaled drag and drop gallery building experience in Gutenberg. Add your images, video or audio files in your choice of photo gallery block, customize display settings, hit publish.

Unparalleled capabilities

An innovative transform system lets you instantly change your galleries into another form. Go from a fullscreen Masonry gallery to universal Grid or stylish Justified gallery, with just a single click. You won’t find another Gutenberg gallery plugin with this kind of capability. Guaranteed.

Highly responsive

Our Gutenberg gallery blocks are second-to-none, featuring fullscale responsive support. And with fine controls for mobile and desktop styles, you can set custom styling for each gallery.

Next gen Lightbox

Built on top of the latest technologies, SimpLy Lightbox is multi-gestures compatible, smooth and performant! Easily navigate with one or several fingers on your smartphone. Swipe, drag and pinch content naturally like with a native mobile swipeable view. It also supports navigation with keyboard or mouse wheel to slide or zoom.

Our lightbox mimics the most populars UIs like IOS, Android, Google Drive, etc… With a well known UI, users will instantly understand how to use the lightbox, and will easily navigate through your galleries.

SimpLy Lightbox is the only one lightbox to gather all these possibilities and You can use it absolutely for free without buying any addons or premium versions of the plugin.

A Super-fast experience

We’ve built a highly interactive and intuitive experience with a focus on speed and ease of use. Drag. Drop. Transform. Style.

A short demo of SimpLy Gallery Blocks

In this video you will see how easily you can create photo gallery using SGB Gutenberg photo gallery block.

Please note that you easily convert block gallery from Masonry to Justified or to Grid or to WordPress image gallery and vice versa.

Included Gallery Gutenberg Blocks

  • Slider / Carousel Gallery Block
  • Masonry Gallery Block
  • Justified Block
  • Grid Block


  • Masonry block
  • Page and Post Lightbox unique settings. Blocks Editor Plugin Sidebar
  • Lightbox Global Preset
  • Plugin Settings Page
  • Lightbox layout
  • Block transform menu


이 플러그인은 4(을)를 제공합니다.

  • Gallery Blocks with Lightbox. Image Gallery, (HTML5 video , YouTube, Vimeo) Video Gallery and Lightbox for native gallery
  • Gallery Blocks with Lightbox. Image Gallery, (HTML5 video , YouTube, Vimeo) Video Gallery and Lightbox for native gallery
  • Gallery Blocks with Lightbox. Image Gallery, (HTML5 video , YouTube, Vimeo) Video Gallery and Lightbox for native gallery
  • Gallery Blocks with Lightbox. Image Gallery, (HTML5 video , YouTube, Vimeo) Video Gallery and Lightbox for native gallery


  1. simply-gallery-block 폴더를 /wp-content/plugins/ 디렉토리에 업로드하거나 워드프레스 플러그인 페이지에서 “새로 추가” 를 클릭하고 컴퓨터에 있는 파일을 업로드하세요.
  2. (워드프레스 5.0 이하 버전이라면) 구텐베르크 워드프레스 플러그인을 설치하고 활성화하세요
  3. 워드프레스의 ‘플러그인’ 메뉴에서 SimpLy 워드프레스 플러그인을 활성화하세요.


SimpLy 갤러리 블록은 무료인가요?

예! SimpLy 갤러리 블록의 기본 기능은 무료입니다.


2021년 1월 26일
I've been trying a lot free plugins for a masonry, tiled or grid gallery with Lightbox. This is the best. Easy to install and also works with Jetpack tiled gallery
2020년 12월 25일
Not working in IE 11(. TypeError: Object doesn't support property or method 'assign'
2020년 12월 17일
For me, Freemius is unacceptable. With the latest update we also get 3MB of junk, and only God knows what data will be sending from my sites to their servers... No thanks ! Otherwise, this is a 5 star plugin, it is that good without the Freemius trash... and I mean TRASH !
2020년 12월 5일
The SimpLy Gallery plugin was perfect for our needs from day one. I can hardly believe we were lucky enough to find this plugin and it is way ahead of many premium plugins I have used in the past. Congratulations to the developer on such a solid and amazing piece of work. The developer is incredibly helpful and responsive and gave us a rapid solution by providing some custom CSS code to meet our needs. This worked beautifully and really helped us out. Thank you for that. I strongly recommend that you check this plugin out if you are looking for a top level image gallery for your website. I really think it is the best.
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  • Added: Custom CSS Editor for gallery blocks
  • Added: Support for Featured Images for videos (Media Library)
  • Added: Premium List Block


  • Added: Capabilities editor for Admin and Editor Roles – Multisite (WordPress MU)
  • Fixed: WPML
  • Fixed: Portfolio & Portfolio2 Blocks Tags Filter


  • Fixed: RTL support for Lightbox
  • Added: Premium TagsBox Block – Covers Gallery


  • Fixed: SimpLy Slider – low quality video poster
  • Fixed: SimpLy Grid – low quality video poster
  • Added: Hidden Mode
  • Added: Premium Portfolio2 Block


  • Added: Filters (by Tags)
  • Added: Tags for Items
  • Added: Premium Portfolio Block
  • Fixed: Slider error on touch device
  • Fixed: bug Lightbox for WP Native Image


  • Optimization: Slider Slideshow speed
  • Fixed: bug Lightbox for WP Native Image


  • Added: New Block – Slider / Carousel Gallery
  • Fixed: bug Lightbox for native gallery with some buttons/links


  • Fixed: Resolved conflict with plugins Smush and Jetpack – Lazy Load system


  • Added: Youtube and Vimeo video gallery support
  • Added: Lightbox for native gallery for Archive Page (Categoty Page)
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Added: compatible with Yoast SEO Plugin – Images in the XML sitemap. Need reload SimpLy gallery data and update Post/Page
  • Fixed: Poster (Video and Audio) Error with small images


  • Added: Now you can add poster for Video and Audio elements
  • Added: Export / Import gallery content
  • Added: Random sorting for gallery (frontend)
  • Fixed: Conflict with native Image block
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Optimization: performance improvement – Go to Block Sidebar -> Items Manager -> Reload Gallery and Update Post/Page
  • Added: Now you can attach an additional link to an element
  • Added: Ability to disable lazy loading mode
  • Added: Gallery without background mode (Block without padding)
  • Fixed: Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed: HTML Tags in the caption
  • minor fix


  • Big changes – Major Udate!
  • Added: Supports Video MP4 and Audio MP3
  • Added: Gallery sorting by Uploaded date, Title, Caption or Custom
  • Added: Caption source – Caption, Title, Alt
  • Added: Thumbnail Caption Position (Top / Bottom)
  • Added: Option – disable Lightbox for a specific gallery
  • Added: Caption source for Lightbox – Caption, Title, Alt


  • Fixed: plugin conflict – removing featured image of a Woocommerce product


  • Fixed: Lightbox Plugin conflict with custom posts


  • Fixed: removed duplicate button (Settings) on Plugins page


  • Fixed: Error on page 404


  • Added: Lightbox for native WordPress Gallery (Gutenberg/Classic Editor)
  • Added: Gutenberg Sidebar plugin for lightbox control.
  • Added: Settings Page for Clobal Lightbox Pressets
  • Added: Settings Page for Blocks Pressets


  • Fixed: “Scroll down the page for the item you viewed” – smooth scroll theme compatibility
  • Fixed: input fields in the ColorPickers
  • Added: “Space between thumbnails” – increased limit to 40px
  • Added: Justified Thumbnail Size – XXL size (Height 450px +)
  • Added: partial support for HTML tags in pictures captions


  • Fixed: Corrected the proportions of thumbnails when upload images directly into the gallery block


  • Added: Global Preset – You modify the Global Preset to change all the galleries associated with this preset (automatically)
  • Added: For Masonry and Grid new settings – Colums, Min. Thumbnails with (Mobile Device)
  • Added: For Justified new option – Last Row Mode
  • Added: For Lightbox new transition moode – Fading/Slipping
  • Added: Thumbnails – native lazy loading
  • Changed: Data structure


  • Fixed: Lightbox – Caption on Mobile Device
  • Fixed: Thumbnails – Caption on Touch Device


  • Fixed: Lightbox Settings and some bugs
  • Added: Show image caption in Lightbox (this option will be disabled by default)
  • Added: Option – Prevent downloading in Lightbox (this option will be enabled by default)


  • Fixed: Lightbox Settings – Copyright Alert


  • Fixed: JavaScript issues with Grid and Justified Editors
  • Fixed: CSS Grid and Justified Blocks


  • Fixed: minor JavaScript issues with Blocks Editor
  • Added: HTML5 Browser History support (deep linking)
  • Added: Lightbox – mouse wheel navigation mode
  • Added: auto scroll gallery (follow the one viewed in Lightbox)


  • Initial release on Enjoy!