Smartt Shipping


SMARTT Shipping is a FREE shipping solution that provides instant, real-time, best available freight quotes from multiple LTL and small package carriers prints shipping documents and electronically dispatches trucks for pick up, on Inbound, Outbound and 3rd Party shipments.


Ship Small Packages for Less AND Less-Than-Truck Load Deals as well.

  • Get discounted shipping rates, print labels, and send tracking info to your customers from one place. SMARTT Shipping helps you streamline your shipping, so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Automatically imports wordpress orders & Never copy-paste addresses, item names etc.

  • Pre-filled customs documentation information for international orders.

  • Courier and LTL Carrier options.

  • Option to display rates on checkout for your Customer’s preferences. (We import the customer’s selected shipping choice, which you can then map to the appropriate shipping carrier, service).

  • Create shipping labels for your preferred carrier.

  • Automatically fulfill order & update Carrier/Tracking-url for wordpress orders. (After shipping label creation, we transmit the Carrier, Tracking Number, and Shipping status back to WordPress.)

How it works:

  • After installing Plugin you’ll be prompted for an API Key which you request from

  • Add that API key into Setting screen.

  • Immediately access discounted Carrier rates to print labels.

Why use this plugin:

  • To use Smartt Shipping Delivery method for US and canada into your website.

Integrates with

Canada Post, UPS/Loomis/DHL, Purolator/FedEx, YRC/Dicom/Day & Ross, 50+ Carriers.

The plugin is only compatible with WooCommerce.

Important Links

For furhter information you are welcomed to follow these links:


  • Settings Screen (Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> SMARTT SHIPPING).

  • Insert all the default values like (Weight, height, length, package type, product type, etc.) .

  • Manage Packages and all other values in product page.

  • In the Order page, click on the Ship Order.

  • Insert all the Package Details of the shipment.

  • You will get the entire Carrier rate.

  • Once you buy, you will get all the Order Shipment Details.

  • Add & Delete multiple ware house address.

  • Select the ware house address from where you want to send the order, if not selected then the default ware house address should be auto use.

  • Select the preferred carriers for cart,checkout page. ( All selected carriers will appear on cart,checkout page. If not selected then all carriers will appear on cart,checkout page )

  • All Selected preferred carriers appear on cart page, ( like if we will select only two carriers then only two carriers will appear on cart page. )

  • All Selected preferred carriers appear on checkout page, ( like if we will select only two carriers then only two carriers will appear on checkout page. )


There is nothing special about installation of this plugin. It is as simple as uploading the plugin files to your plugins directory.
Upload the plugin to /wp-content/plugins and activate. OR Search “Smarttshipping” from WP Dashbard --> Plugins --> Add New then hit Install and then activate.
Once the plugin is activated you will see “Smartt Shipping” option under WooCommerce Shipping Settings of WordPress dashboard.


Q. Where can I find the API key for plugin activation?

A. After installing the plugin, you’ll be prompted for an API Key which you request from

Q: Do I need to know coding to use this plugin?

A. No, we have created an easy-to-use plugin, and you don’t need to have coding knowledge for its activation.

Q: Does SMARTT Shipping work with any WordPress theme?

A. Yes, SMARTT Shipping plugin works with any theme embedded with the WooCommerce plugin.


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  • Initial Public Release


  • Add Smartt Manifest Generation Module.


  • Currency Conversion in checkout page.


  • Add Smartt Shipping Multiple Ware House Address Options.
  • Admin can fetch shipping rates using multiware house address.


  • Fix Ware House issue.


  • If order shipping address has company name then use company name into Ship To address.


  • Added Options to select preferred carriers for the cart,checkout page.


  • Fixed cart, checkout page carrier rates loading error.


  • Fixed cart, checkout page carrier rates loading error issue.


  • Added support for “Power Tailgate Delivery”.


  • Fixed GetAllPackages Functionalities for Edit Product.


  • Fixed Save Preferred Carriers.


  • Fixed Weight Calculation for GetCarrierRates for item with multiple Quantities


  • Fixed body styling issues
  • Plugin improvement to automatically buy label based on the shipping service selected on frontend
  • Code Improvement