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Client Invoicing by Sprout Invoices – Easy Estimates and Invoices for WordPress

Client Invoicing by Sprout Invoices – Easy Estimates and Invoices for WordPress


WordPress Invoicing Made Easy

Our focus since day one 4+ years ago with Sprout Invoices has been to create a way for WordPress site owners to invoice and EASILY get paid. We also understand that customization beyond branding is important, and that’s why we built the most POWERFUL solution with the most integrations around.

Sprout Invoices allows you to create beautiful estimates and invoices for your clients in minutes — not hours. If you’re not familiar with WordPress templating than our knowledgebase and priority support can help.

Even though our goal is to make getting paid easy, providing fast and reliable support is a priority. We don’t want any user to feel alone.

Trust the reviews and join an awesome community of happy users.

Sprout Invoices Pro
This plugin is the lite version of the Sprout Invoices Pro plugin that comes with all the invoicing features you will ever need including recurring invoices, recurring payments, pre-defined line items, client dashboards, Stripe and many other payment processors, advanced reporting, hundreds of integrations (including Zapier) and a ton more. Click here to learn more about the best Invoicing plugin for WordPress now!

Getting Paid Efficiently

Sprout Invoices is meant to remove the hoops and hurdles required in a typical workflow of accepting estimate requests, creating an estimate/quote, and getting paid. Learn more about this goal to improve your workflow on sproutinvoices.com.

The Integration Powers of Sprout Invoices

While Sprout Invoices automates many tasks the real power comes from the flexibility through integrations.

Payments Integrations

Sprout Invoices integrates with the most popular payment gateways around. Including: PayPal (free), Stripe, Authorize.net, Square, 2Checkout, eWay, NMI, and many more.

Integrate with PayPal & make accepting invoice payments easy. The free PayPal plugin is available here.

Easy Invoice & Estimate Submissions with WordPress

Integrations with your favorite WordPress form plugins allow you to build an easy solution to creating dynamic invoices based on the prospective client’s form selections. Pre-defined Line Items (pro feature) are used to create the custom submission form and every form integration is easy!

All form builder integrations are free!

Invoicing Requirements Around the Globe

Supporting many different languages is another focus of ours, and with that comes the responsibility of meeting local government invoicing requirements. Here are some of free plugins to help support the globe:

If your invoice requirements are not met with one of the plugins above please let us know.

Full Sprout Invoices Feature List

Pro Features

All of the popular features listed below are bundled with a pro license. Consider joining the community of happy Sprout Invoices Pro users.

Make sure to review the Sprout Invoices features page for more detailed information. As well as the full featured demo.

Getting Paid with WordPress and Sprout Invoices


Priority support is provided with an upgraded version. All free support will provided in the forums.


  • Invoice Template
  • Easy Invoice Management
  • Easy Invoice Management
  • A dashboard with charts and summaries answer the question “how am I doing?”.
  • Dynamic reports allow for date filtering, sorting, search, and exporting.
  • Common management tasks are sped up by Sprout Invoices utilization of AJAX.
  • Easy Estimate Management


  1. Upload plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. 워드프레스의 ‘플러그인’ 메뉴에서 플러그인을 활성화하세요.


Please visit Sprout Invoices for the latest FAQs.


2024년 7월 2일 답글 1개
I first would like to thank support for being spontaneous to supporting their customers even the free ones. I had the privledge to work with other online invoice systems and very few are able to do what Sprout Invoices can do. The feature that I enjoy is the ability to send my clients a text message for them to review agreement and make payments.
2024년 6월 14일 답글 5개
I am extremely disappointed with this software. I paid to use it for years and ignored the many bugs, but recently they did an “update” and I could no longer process payments. After days of tech support and not being able to accept payments, when I got it to work, they did another update and once again I was no longer able to accept payments.  When you create an invoice, the default state is paid, so if you save without going thru the step of marking it unpaid, it will save as paid and then you have to delete it and start over > highly aggravating. If you export your data, the import format is completely different from the export file, so it is complicated to move information without understanding SQL.  STAY AWAY FROM THIS SOFTWARE!!! I have a whole list of bugs. You don’t want all of these hassles when it comes to handling your money. After months of trying to get help, on 6/14/24 they told me that the latest update fixed the problems, but all of the new bugs were still there. It seems they keep rolling out buggy updates without beta testing first.
2023년 12월 9일
Sorry, I really tried to love this plugin, bought the pro version. Just not worth it, even as “affordable” as it is. Which is 30% more for me because I’m in Canada. Issues: (in Pro version bundled addons and some basic stuff in the free version) the time tracker that supposedly integrates and syncs with Toggl doesn’t work the automated invoice number generator doesn’t work — as in unless you use the default post id generated in WP as the invoice number, the customer cannot use the Pay button in their portal. It becomes non-functional if you use the customized generation of invoice numbers. it lacks variety of invoice templates and there is no way to truly customize them outside of picking colours and adding a logo. There are long times (days–like 5 and longer) waiting for support replies. Then the replies are just apologies, known bug, working on a fix but “excuses…”, then the ticket gets closed without any fix or followup. The principle is cool. I love the premise of having invoices made in WordPress environment. But this plugin lacks a true time tracker (this one includes a manual place where you can type in how much time you spent and some notes and log the time, but it doesn’t ACTUALLY track the time–like a start and stop watch as I would have expected.) The look and feel is as though it’s cobbled together with ACF. It does not work with the page builder that I tried styling it with (DIVI). I’d like invoicing to be a feel-good, happy experience,(because invoicing means you’re gonna get money, right?!?) and this plugin does not come close to achieving that.
2023년 8월 21일 답글 1개
basics work fine, but has bugs with extensions, like the recurring invoice which is very buggy on our install, so 1 star lost for that, the other lost because they disable pdf export after license expired, most plugins charge for support only, to disable functionality on someones site remotely and automatically is unforgivable, will never trust the authors again.
2023년 4월 10일 답글 4개
Have 2 support tickets – I am a paid customer – and have had no response to any ticket in 2 days. If this is priority support i feel sorry for those with basic support. Day 3 and still no response… update:still no responses from support. I even offered them to use my twilio account to resolve issue and nothing. Software has so much potential – but HORRIBLE support response kills the potential. may want to look at other options. (yes there are some)
모든 184 평가 읽기

기여자 & 개발자

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코드 탐색하기는, SVN 저장소를 확인하시거나, 개발 기록RSS로 구독하세요.



  • Fix: Fixes issue with saving settings on some litespeed servers.


  • Fix: Voiding Payment causing 500 fatal error.


  • Feature: Getting Started Wizard.
  • Fix: Fixed report page throwing PHP warnings filling up logs.
  • Fix: Update CCS classes to not confilct with “Copy & Delete Posts” plugin.
  • Update: Enabled WYSIWYG editor for notification templates.


  • Update: Updated Sprout Invoice’s Customizer panel to be split into sections for invoice and estimate respectively.
  • Update: Added functionality in customizer to change Payment Processor button colors.
  • Update: Updated CSS and HTML so that all payment processor button are uniform.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with estiamte save on PHP7 or lower.


  • Fix: Estimate Title not duplicating when duplicating Estimates.


  • Fix: Updated ‘Tested up to’ version.


  • Fix: Fixed Sprout Client icon in WordPress User table.s
  • Fix: Fixed Google Analytics notice option not setting.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with nonce verification in system health check.


  • Fix: Fixed estimate status updates causing fatal error.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with estimate acceptance causing fatal error.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with shipping total doubling in the calculated total.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with client save causing fatal error with payment terms addon.


  • Fix: Fixed PHP deprecation issues with invoice, estimate, and report models.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with fees not showing correctly on invoices.
  • Fix: Fixed issue when Invoices/Estimate emails were not being sent when saved as Pending Payments.
  • Fix: Fixed issue were notification cache was not being cleared when reseting sprout.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where duplicating invoices older than 30 days would have the wrong date.


  • Update: Moved maybe_partial_payment() to Partial Payments class as it is not needed or used in free version of plugin.


  • Fix: Fixed issue with BCC hook adding BCC in notification emails.
  • Feature: Add Google Analytics and notice for opt-in.


  • Update: WP coding standard updates
  • Fix: Added URL param for http_request_timeout hook to be compatible with plugins requiring it i.e. Jetpack
  • Fix: Added BCC hook to notification emails.
  • Fix: Get amount always returns a float now.


  • Update: Added new Logo.
  • Update: Created mobile friendly basic and default themes.


  • Fix: Italics not showing in notes.
  • Fix: Underline tag being escaped on invoice and estimates.
  • Fix: Strikethrough tag being escaped on invoice and estimates.
  • Fix: Discounts not applying properly.
  • Fix: Woocommerce customer details not passing to invoices and clients in sprout invoices.
  • Fix: Accessibility issues.
  • Fix: WordPress customizer error on certain themes.
  • Fix: Free and Pro license display issue.
  • Fix: History not displaying for signatures and viewed status
  • Fix: Invoice and Estimate PDFs not displaying the correct currency symbol.
  • Update: French Translation updates.
  • Update: EU Tax update to include decimals.
  • Update: Disable Payment terms email per client.
  • Update: Disable Client Summary per client.
  • Update: 8.1 Updates.


  • Fix: Removed progess tracker.
  • Fix: Alert for Reset Notications Templates.
  • Improvement: Added second address line to client info.
  • Improvement: Cash Feature for customer collecting cash.
  • Improvement: Updated country codes to allow for both UK and GB.
  • Improvement: Added ability to hook into the notification for custom notifications.
  • Improvement: Slate theme CSS and HTML updates.
  • Improvement: Added notice to update PHP version if 7.2 or lower.
  • Improvement: Added ability to use custom hook to set client info defaults.


  • Improvement: Redesigned the settings page.
  • Improvement: Updated Addon Settings to be accessible from Addons page.
  • Improvement: Removed settings button from Addons with no settings.
  • Fix: Updated code to WordPress coding standards.


  • Fix: Toggl Fatal Error.
  • Fix: Recurring invoices not savings and producing invoices.
  • Fix: Force signature text disappearing after saving invoice.
  • Fix: HTML escaping in Payment terms.
  • Fix: Admin note shortcode not working in notifications.
  • Fix: HTML template not displaying in preview.


  • Fix: PDF Default Theme Not working.
  • Fix: Project’s Display not working.
  • Fix: Can’t create Client user.
  • Fix: Default terms doesn’t take HTML.
  • Fix: Note section doesn’t take HTML.


Release date: November 23rd, 2021

  • Fix: Fixed HTML escaping of contact info on invoices and estimates.
  • Fix: Fixed CSS style being escaped on front line items in invoices and estimates.
  • Fix: Fixed escaped line item formatting HTML tags in admin and frontend.


Release date: November 11th, 2021

  • Fix: Fixed line items cursor focus.
  • Fix: Fixed line item description to have placeholder if blank.
  • Fix: Fixed Clients table showing HTML elements.
  • Fix: Removed email from client column in Payments table.
  • Fix: Updated allowed html.
  • Fix: Updated link to support.
  • FIx: Fixed PHP 8 issues on import page.
  • Fix: Updated translation files.
  • Fix: Updated verbage in for yoast compatibility.


Release date: October 14th, 2021

  • Fix: Moved initialization of EDD update checker so it isn’t loaded on every page load.
  • Fix: Removed error_log file from production builds.
  • Fix: Tested Up To Value tag updated.
  • Fix: Fix JS / CSS loading to use wp_enqueue commands.
  • Fix: Removed inclusion of jQuery libraries already included in WordPress Core.
  • Fix: Included files in the plugin that were previously being called remotely, and removed remote file calls.
  • Fix: Added data sanitization for all data input to lessen possibility of XSS / MITM vulnerabilities.
  • Fix: Added validation for data where needed.
  • Fix: Escaped all data output and translater output.
  • Fix: Corrected instances where escaping functions were being used to sanitize.
  • Fix: Variables and options are now escaped when echo’d.


Release date: September 8th, 2021

  • Fix: Replaced remote loading image to be included in the plugin
  • Fix: Fixed sanitization of inputs
  • Fix: Updated documentation for escaped and formatted line item options


Release date: June 30th, 2021

  • Fix: Update function arguments to work with PHP 8.0
  • Improvement: Update line item placeholders to 0
  • Improvement: Translation updates fr_FR
  • Improvement: Updated the CSS for the color change


Release date: May 5th, 2021

  • Fix: Null Values on Estimate to allow submission
  • Fix: Order List update
  • Fix: Broken Links for Notifications
  • Improvement: Translation updates fr_FR


Release date: March 8th, 2021

  • Bug fix: Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in controllers/admin/Settings.php on line 254 #382
  • Bug fix: WP 5.7 CSS Fixes 395
  • Bug fix: Invoice Code was updated but not Estimate #394
  • Bug fix: JavaScript Variable Changes#392
  • Bug fix: JavaScript Variable Changes#391
  • Bug fix: Rename Square Cash to Cash App #390
  • Enhancment: Add Zelle Payment Processor #393


Release date: August 13th, 2020

  • Bug fix: jQuery live / on fixes for WordPress 5.5


  • Update: Notifications Admin updated to reduce iframe loads
  • Update: Settings page CSS updates


  • New: Stripe Checkout Integration for Biz+ licenses
  • Update: Additional translations


  • Fix: Payment terms and auto billing with Sprout Billings.


  • Fix: Basic theme issue with payment options


  • Fix: TOS Agreement add-on incompatibility with e-signature add-on.
  • Update: Handle Stripe user tokens different.


  • New: New filter for getting visitor ip, ‘si_get_user_ip’.
  • Fix: Notification fixes for new interest email.
  • Fix: Adding interest fix.
  • Fix: Error prevention on dashboard.
  • Fix: Styling updates to prevent conflict.
  • Fix: Don’t show hidden invoices within reports.
  • Fix: Zapier payments info.
  • Fix: Square payment processor API keys incorrectly used.


  • NEW: TOS Add-on
  • NEW: Processor Limits by Payment Amount
  • NEW: Recurring Payment Terms
  • NEW: Importable Default Payment Terms
  • NEW: Interest on Unpaid Balance and Payment Terms
  • NEW: New Payment Term Shortcodes, payment_term_min_due and payment_term_min_due_date
  • NEW: Set Line Item Type with “Line Item Type” with CSV Import
  • Update: Payments Table Updated
  • Update: Stripe updated for payment source management


  • NEW: Ability to reset payment generation dates for subscription based invoices
  • Update: PDF Filter si_pdf_invoice_file_name passes doc_id
  • NEW: Filter si_do_attempt_status_update_on_get_balance
  • Update: Partial Payments updates for Sprout Billings, and improved user experience.
  • Fix: Advanced ID Generation with padding
  • Update: Show compat with WordPress 5.1
  • Update: Adding Stripe partner id


  • Fix: Metabox saved when other posts are saved, i.e. WooCommerce orders.


  • Update: Zapier Updates
  • Fix: Partial Payments setting invoices as paid under specific circumstances.
  • Fix: Notifications sent without complete information
  • Fix: WooCommerce product for integration will be recreated
  • New: Project times filter – si_project_get_associated_times


  • Update: Zapier authentication simplification
  • New: [admin_note] shortcode added to more notifications
  • Fix: Due date changed after notification sent from invoices admin
  • New: Filter to remove help desk – si_show_help_desk
  • Fix: PDF template color issues


  • Update: New Zapier Integrations & Updates
  • Fix: Mobile view for admin tables
  • New: New Hook for Importing


  • Fix: WooCommerce Cart Issue
  • New: Square Payment Notes
  • New Filter: “si_recurring_invoice_default_status” set the default status for recurring invoices
  • Update: Client wont need to sign invoice after signing the approved estimate


  • Fix: WooCommerce Bug with “Cart is Empty”
  • New: Filter for WooCommerce to allow for products to be added back to the cart for payment from an invoice payment – “si_woo_payment_single_product_for_payment”
  • New: Invoice reciept delay with “si_create_invoice_receipts_upto”
  • Update: Zapier fixes for updates
  • Fix: Slate theme logo styling
  • Update: Record views only for published docs
  • Update: PDF display for footer
  • Update: Time widget
  • Update: PDF Attachment

  • Update: Scheduled posts in Zapier
  • Update: Change invoice status when sent before PDF is generated
  • Update: Select2 Update
  • Fix: Advanced select options on clients and project pages
  • Fix: Generating notifications for recurring invoices error under specific conditions


  • Fix: Stripe filters caused error for plans


  • Fix: PDF Template overrides were not working correctly for PDF Service
  • Fix: CSS Updates for report pages
  • Fix: Subscription payment reciepts not working after invoice was edited after payment.
  • Update: Subscription and Recurring invoice messaging updates to help prevent conflicts
  • Update: Stripe filters
  • Update: Translations
  • Update: Optimizations


  • NEW: Show the notification descriptions on the main admin page
  • NEW: Authorize.net line items
  • NEW: Points of Contact Add-on updated to allow manual sends
  • Fix: Compatibility fix with plugins that like to share CSS with broad selectors on pages they shouldn’t.
  • Fix: Advanced ID Generation for recurring/cloned invoices


  • Fix: Recurring notifications not sending to all associated client users


  • Fix: CSS Issue on payment page
  • Fix: Conditional bug that prevented the credit card form to show


  • Fix: PHP Notices for older installs upgrading
  • Fix: A few Basic/Freelancer add-ons removed after a review that they shouldn’t have been included
  • Fix: Service fee added after a fee was already added
  • Fix: Partial payments updated for better payment workflow, and styling


  • Fix: Address not saving for some client records
  • Fix: Mercadopago sandbox option, and new filter for button


  • NEW: Basic Theme
  • NEW: Phone and Fax
  • Update: CSS for Basic and Default themes
  • NEW: Shipping add-on support for new themes


  • Fix: Settings not saved on sites with differing HOME/SITE urls.
  • Update: Partial Payments and Deposit option logic
  • Fix: Pointer conflicts
  • NEW: si_default_due_in_days includes invoice object as param


  • New: Transition to new domain
  • New: New branding for Sprout Invoices
  • New: Getting started is changed up for new users
  • Fix: PDF purchase button links
  • Fix: Login compat with default theme


  • Fix: Developer logs incorrectly enabled under some circumstances.


  • New: Start of transition to new domain
  • Fix: Admin views support smaller screens
  • New: Login view override support
  • Fix: Estimate ranges typo


  • New: A lot of change to how Partial Payments and Deposits works. They’re now an add-on that can be enabled/disabled.
  • New: Estimate Ranges Add-on
  • New: Manual recurring/payment-receipts creation
  • New: Estimate expiration shortcode
  • Fix: Payment Term notification shortcodes
  • Fix: Payment Term notification status


  • Fix: WooCommerce correctly updating invoice after order status changed.
  • Update: Service line item type has no qty, and manage admin prevents its use.
  • Fix: Service fee not automatically added if single processor is active
  • Fix: PayPal Pro and Standard mode conflicts.
  • Update: Updated messaging for free users


  • Fix/Refactor: Line item commenting
  • New: Filter to bypass service fee
  • New: Filter for WooCommerce product import


  • Fix: Notification admin optimization
  • Fix: Notification content not resetting
  • Fix: Notification content reset with HTML


  • Temp: Temporarily removing comments add-on
  • Fix: PDF CSS not showing terms/info titles
  • Fix: GST not calculated on reports correctly
  • Fix: Title of Invoice/Estimate not shown


  • Fix: Improved PHP 7.1 Support
  • Fix: Stripe error section shown when there are no errors
  • Fix: Stripe settings not saving correctly


  • Fix: Payment receipts for subscription payments not completing under certain circumstances.


  • Update: Stripe SDK Updated
  • Fix: Account Credit Types
  • Update: Payment options template is using the invoice balance
  • Update: Try to not record bot/se visits
  • Fix: Update old admin urls


  • Update: Double check some meta for recurring and subscription payment invoice duplication, in case the WP_Query meta query is being hijacked.


  • Update: Notification previews respect which format is selected


  • Update: Test notifications brought back
  • Fixed: WooCommerce Add-on description updated


  • NEW: New filter for invoice total – si_use_total_for_calculated_total
  • NEW: Add-ons settings no longer blank
  • Fixed: License key being reset after certain conditions
  • Fixed: Account Credits add-on unavailable


  • Fixed: CC Settings not saving


  • Fixed: Some js admin callbacks not working under some setups
  • Fixed: More Responize Admin
  • Fixed: Deprecated PHP Support
  • Fixed: Typos


  • New: Completely New Admin
  • New: Integrated Support
  • New: Manual Notifications
  • New: Improved Invoices List Admin
  • New: New Notifications: Payment Cleared, and Recurring Invoice
  • New: Additional Importer (Sliced)

More information found here.


  • Update/Fix: Reset totals after invoices are cloned for subscriptions and recurring. This should address when servers cache the balance and it’s not reset before the invoice is viewed.


  • Update/New/Fix: New WYSIWYG Editor
  • Update: Sprout Billings styling updates

  • Fix: Stripe user defaulting to admin under specific circumstances
  • Update: Better PDF Formatting and additional filters


  • Fix: elements collapsing instead of auto flowing
  • Update: Allow for estimate totals cache to be reset


  • Update: All Pro versions of Sprout Invoices include the advanced numbering add-on.
  • Fix: Stored PDF for notifications may not be stored with the correct file names.


  • Fix: Prevent non existent users from being attributed to possible payments
  • Fix: CSS Updates
  • NEW: Notification shortcode for first_name
  • Fix: Notes not saving for estimates before sending
  • Update: PHP version check for WooCommerce integration
  • Fix: Estimate acceptance actions bug fix for invoice creation
  • Update: GMT for all history


  • Update: Improved error messaging for PDF Service.


  • Fix: PDF Service caching issue
  • Update: Reporting totals and column adjustments


  • Fix/Update: Password protection compat for new PDF Service
  • Fix/Update: Ability to view PDF after invoice is paid (default theme)
  • Fix: Add-on caching issue


  • NEW: PDF Service for better PDF creation!
  • Fix/Update: Status for records being updated irregularly
  • Update: Stripe API fixes
  • Update: Fix for client types
  • Update: Show the client’s stored address info when using a credit card payment
  • Update: Minor updates and bug fixes


  • Update: New Stripe API Changes


  • Update: Remove all form integrations add-ons since they’re now in the .org repo for free


  • Update: Freemius updated for free versions
  • Fix: Removed private bundled add-on


  • Update: PO updates
  • Update: Remove Ready Status add-on because of incompatibilities
  • Fix: Recurring (more) fail checks
  • Update: Plaid filter for enviroment
  • Fix: Project time tracking meta box redundancy
  • Fix: Fees should not be doubled up


  • NEW: More options to change the colors for the default theme in the customizer
  • Update: Adjustments for better PDF add-on support

  • Update: Reverting GMT offset changes from last release. Needs more testing.
  • Update: Offsite payment processor update
  • New: Filtering for checkboxes
  • Update: Line items totals display updated for the admin.
  • New: Save a default list of add-ons to be active on setup.
  • Update/Fix: WooCommerce exclusive/inclusive tax updates
  • Update: WooCommerce compatibility update


  • Update: Point of Contact add-on will no longer force itself if unused.
  • Update: Use GMT offset everywhere
  • Fix: Signature add-on errors for default theme


  • Fix: Some payment processsors were executing filters/actions without being active.


  • Fix: Extraneous callback for updates on every load.
  • Fix: NMI bundle fix


  • Fix: Pushing an update because business license holders were not receiving the proper bundle


  • Fix: Latest version of WordPress handles taxonomy queries differently which may have resulted in some records being purged.


New pricing plans for all pro licenses

  • Updated: Minor updates including EU and VAT importing


  • Fix: date warnings displayed above recurring payments section
  • Updated: Adjust recurring invoice editing, so the start date is updated after every change.
  • Updated: Prevent future invoices from being generated.
  • New: New filter when clients are created, si_create_user_args
  • New: Don’t repeat line item headers via filter: si_show_all_line_item_headers
  • New: Payment Term notifications have new shortcodes
  • Fix: Localization issues for estimates template


  • Updated: New action for Default theme to show more info
  • Fix: Subscription payment method using wrong object param
  • Fix: Prevent error for non WP object
  • Updated: Better show the deposit payment with the Default theme
  • Updated: Woo integration updates for cached product


  • New: Zapier Support
  • New: Recurring invoices re-write
  • New: ApproveMe integration support for Default Theme
  • New: Client set payments supoort for new Default Theme
  • New: Allow to easily filter default line item
  • New: Square support
  • Updated: Subscription payments, new information
  • Updated: PO, Localization
  • Updated: Free version now necessary
  • Fix: WooCommerce customer not logged in
  • Fix: Payment terms display issue
  • Fix: WooCommerce Checkout w/ Shipping


  • Fix: Free version deactivation bug
  • New: Spanish Translation
  • Updated: Templates have body classes


  • Fix: Payment term notifications not being sent.


  • Fix: Payment processor object not returned, causing CRON to fail under certain circumstances.


  • Fix: Localazation


  • Fix: Recurring Invoices dups created with pre-startdate save.
  • Fix: CA Tax error


  • Fix: Notification shortcodes bug
  • Fix: Lineitem template overrides


  • Fix: Jetpack compatibility issue
  • Fix: Avada Theme compat


  • Fix: Estimate template function typo
  • Fix: Service Fee add-on updated
  • Update: Select2 Upgraded


  • NEW: Sprout Billings support
  • Fix: Auto select the first payment method if only one exists
  • Fix: Multiple theme selections


  • NEW: Default Theme!!!!
  • NEW: Theme selection
  • NEW: Updates to support the new Service Fee add-on.
  • NEW: Fees are added to reports.
  • NEW: Support for Square payments, new add-on will be released soon.
  • NEW: Added info for recurring invoice on the invoice admin.
  • NEW: Notification shortcode to show payments
  • FIX: Bulk edit causing lost client association.


  • FIX: Firefox support
  • UPDATE: EU Region name update
  • FIX: HTML Notifications add-on conflict with Test Notifications
  • FEATURE: CA GST Report Support


  • FIX: Payment Term Notifications Disabled
  • FIX: WC Compat Check


  • FIX: Shipping fees not loaded
  • NEW: Delay loading hook, si_delayed_load


  • COMPAT: WPSEO compatibility


  • FIX: Reset totals on submission
  • FIX: WooCommerce integration fixes for VAT
  • FIX: Payment obejct sent and interpreted as array


  • NEW FEATURE: Payment Terms
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes all around


  • UPDATE: WooCommerce Tools Update
  • UPDATE: Ninja Forms THREES support


  • FIX: Customizer not saving colors correctly
  • UPDATE: IP address method global use


  • NEW: Notification status indicators
  • NEW: Digital signature support
  • FIX: Multiple bug fixes, including the escaping of notes


  • FIX: Saving error for new PO payment processor
  • NEW: New method for is_processor_enabled.


  • NEW: New PO processor
  • IMPROVED: CSV Importer error messaging
  • FIX: CSV importer fix


  • FIX: Select2 Compat issues with themes and other plugins


  • Commpatibility: ACF Pro


  • New: Notification testing!
  • New: Ability to delete all SI records, great for a bad first import.
  • New: Project expense overview.
  • New: New Zapier integration authorizations to prevent issues on some servers.
  • New: Allow the filtering of recurring invoices in the admin.
  • New: Allow the filtering of subscription payment invoices in the admin.
  • New: Client edit url shortcode [client_edit_url]
  • New: Client Address shortcodes [client_address]
  • New: Client website shortcodes [client_company_website]
  • New: New notification filters.


  • Fix: Recurring subscription fixes
  • Fix: Subscription compatibility updates
  • Fix: Ability to override si_split_full_name
  • New: Allow for sumary to be sent to admin – si_send_summary_to_admin


  • Fix: Recurring totals improperly calculated on dashboard
  • Fix: THREEs support for Advanced Form Integrations
  • Fix: number formatter fix


  • NEW: Compatibility with expense tracking add-on
  • NEW: Create new invoices for subscriptions payments.
  • NEW: Fees API!
  • NEW: Shipping fee option.
  • NEW: Footer counts dynamically update on reports.
  • NEW: Invoices sent when new invoices are created from recurring settings.
  • NEW: Default rate for projects.
  • Fix: Predefined option disappears under some conditions.
  • Fix: “.00” removed from line item totals has a condition for site currency settings.
  • Fix: Payment calculations within some dashboard widgets
  • Fix: Invoice status updates for void/complete


  • Fix: PayPal issues with advanced tax add-ons


  • Fix: Overdue invoices within widgets


  • NEW: Add WooCommerce product import compatibility
  • Fix: Line item fix
  • Fix: Payment reminder refactored
  • Update: Redactor updated
  • Fix: PHP warning


  • New: Project Panorama Integration
  • Fix: WooCommerce Integration Update Mechanism fix
  • Fix: UI for Recurring
  • Update: Translations


  • Fix: Selection of of users from client admin
  • Change: Free updates


  • Change: Option to help improve sprout invoices.
  • Fix: Fields error when no payment options are available
  • Fix: Account credits doesn’t have an admin bar option
  • Fix: Slow loading servers need feedback on AJAX requests


  • Fix: Select2 Compatibility issues
  • Fix: Recurring options missing under certain conditions.


  • Fix: PayPal transaction error when parent line items are used.
  • Fix: Line item totals not formatted
  • Fix: Select2 should not be loaded everywhere
  • Fix: PHP7 compatibility
  • Fix: Client payment processor limits fix


  • New: Account credits and payment credits
  • New: Improved payment reminder (new reminder email)
  • New: Estimate approval reminder (new reminder email)
  • New: Client specific payment options
  • New: Archive status, removes from front-end views
  • New: Limit automatic recurring creation
  • New: Payments dashboard widget
  • Change: Automatically change status of scheduled docs
  • Change: Automatically send invoice/estimate when published from a schedule
  • Change: Send to multiple recipients with comma separated list
  • Change: Add user of time keeper
  • Change: Tax and discount are seperate line item totals
  • Change: Premium reports updated with HTML5 export options
  • Change: Remove visual editor from notification admin
  • Fix: New line adjustments for address
  • Fix: Dynamic text
  • Fix: New line for plain text notifications
  • Fix: Code cleanup with WP coding standards (formatting)
  • Fix: Misc. minor bug fixes


  • Fix: Reporting fixes
  • Fix: Email address truncated on long top level domains.
  • New: Notifications action.

Security updates:

  • Possible for anyone to save new importer options, including uploading CSVs.
  • Possible for anyone to create a payment
  • Security issue with unfinished (unreleased) JSON API.


  • UPDATE: Default Invoice/Estimate Subject to ID
  • UPDATE: Localization update, including French translation


  • UPDATE: Added more line item totals within the admin
  • FIX: Cloning line items would result in descriptions that couldn’t be saved.
  • FIX: Extreme edge case calculation issues


  • UPDATE: Theme compatibility improvements, e.g select2
  • FIX: discount calculation improvements

  • FIX: Estimates issue


  • FIX: Parent line item totals
  • OPT: Slight optimization for estimates and invoices


  • FIX: PayPal cart total errors with invoices that utilize discounts, deposits, and taxes with fractional totals.


  • NEW: Notes and Terms notification shortcodes
  • FIX: Zapier routing issues
  • FIX: Pass estimates notes to newly created invoice from estimate
  • FIX: Time tracking load order fix


  • FIX: AJAX callback errors, i.e. client creation.
  • FIX: Localization changes causing errors on free version.


  • NEW: Estimate and Invoice shortcodes
  • NEW: Improved reporting and filtering
  • NEW: Dashboard report caches are deleted on record updates
  • NEW: All strings are wrapped by WP functions not wrapper class methods.
  • FIX: Payments by month filtering error
  • NEW: Load custom CSS based on invoice or estimate
  • CHANGE: Line items have a unique index for future features
  • FIX: Line item commenting allows for reordering of comments
  • NEW: Improved dashboard time tracking widget
  • FIX: Fractional discounts for PayPal
  • NEW: Temp status redirects user to home page
  • NEW: Associated client records are removed when a client is deleted.


  • NEW: Filter for sending invoices to prevent filters. i.e. fix for PDF add-on. #165
  • FIX: Estimate dashboard not showing current records. #167
  • FIX: Fix for line item comments not showing highlighted icon when a comment is available. #166
  • FIX: Default Terms/Notes transposed in some cases.


  • NEW: Filter to suppress notifications on an individual basis. #163
  • FIX: Default Terms/Notes for All Estimate/Invoices bug priority. #162
  • UPDATE: Submission Hooks & Line Item Type priority. #161
  • FIX: Report Filtering/Sorting. #159
  • FIX: Estimate Submission Info Missing. #158


  • NEW: Sprout Billings Support
  • NEW: Recurring dashboard updates
  • NEW: Form field wrapper classes
  • Fix: PayPal “Adjustment” resolution
  • OPT: Prevent looping of meta_box saves


  • NEW: Payment options templating
  • Fix: Caldera Forms compatibility
  • Update: Improved Sprout Clients compatibility with Client Dashboards


  • NEW: Reduce overall size.
  • Fix: CSV Importing of already imported client users
  • Fix: Invoice template showing “Pending Payment” when balance is zero
  • Fix: Ultimate Member compatibility


  • New: Save info meta action hook.
  • New: New add-on compatibility hooks.
  • New: New add-on hook to disable invoice creation.
  • FIX: ACF compatibility fixes.
  • FIX: Select2 compatibility issues with some plugins.


  • New: Bundled add-on for admin filtering
  • New: Pricing options is a hook for invoice templates
  • New: Filter for attachments


  • Fix: PHP Notice suppression on old line items.


  • NEW: MercadoPago Support (payment button link callback)
  • NEW: Line item total sorting
  • Fix: Misc. Error fixes


  • Fix: Escaped Addresses
  • Fix: Redactor fix from 8.0.4
  • Fix: WooCommerce compatibility with their outdated version of select2


  • Fix: Estimates and pre-defined items
  • Fix: Estimates not saved advanced columns correctly
  • NEW: New filters for some bundled add-ons


  • Fix: Javascript error when adding new users on clients page (select2 incompatibility)
  • Fix: Javascript error on some admin pages


Read more all about the release at Sprout Invoices

  • New: Line Item Types and new management