Stellate plugin for WordPress

This plugin is an addon for the popular WPGraphQL plugin. It helps set up Stellate in front of a WordPress GraphQL API by automatically invalidating the cache when content is updated in WordPress. It works no matter the source of the update, whether that is via the WordPress admin panel, a GraphQL mutation, the REST API, or another method. It also supports custom post types and custom taxonomies that are exposed over the GraphQL API.

This plugin only works when you already have the WPGraphQL plugin installed. After adding this plugin, you’ll see a new menu item named “Caching” in the “GraphQL” section of the dashboard sidebar. Here you can:

  • Add the name of your Stellate service and a purging token (without that, the plugin will do nothing).
  • Toggle between soft and hard purging. (Soft purging means the cache will continue serving stale data even after the purge while Stellate updates the data in the background.)
  • Purge the entire Stellate cache right from the WordPress dashboard.

For more information, check out our documentation.


2023년 2월 15일
This plugin is a game changer. Huge increase in query results times, saves unnecessary load from the server and the stats and error logs are great for debugging.
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