WP Categories Widget

The "WP Categories Widget" is a simple plugin to display the list of categories for…

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ABD Dashboard Widget Manager

Customize your WordPress administrator dashboard. You can choose which admin widgets to display, the user…

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Listings Post Type Enable

A simple plugin that creates a "listings" custom post type. It is also add a…

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Custom Dashboard Widget

Custom Dashboard Widget is the most easy, simple and friendly plugin for creating custom widget…

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WP Master Widget

WP Master Widget is an advanced WordPress widget that allows easy styling and organization for…

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This installs multiple custom widgets in one activation. All the custom widgets are translation ready.

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Easy WP Admin Customizer

Faster and simple way to clean and customize your admin dashboard!

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Collection of advanced features of the widget. 小工具高级功能集合。

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GP Display Child Categories

GP Display Child Categories help you create a Widget custom to display on Sidebar or…

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GP Display All Category

GP Display All Category help you create a Widget custom to display all your category…

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Custom Widget Post

This is a Custom Widget Post plugin. You can set manually post Title, Image and…

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WP Widget Styler

Power-up your WordPress widgets using these awesome styler configurations.

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