Force browsers to load the most recent file if modified.

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Debug can help you to find errors in your wordpress website via editing wp-config.php file…

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Shortcodes Generator

A plugin to generate shortcodes and a corresponding button in the WordPress visual editor. Wicked!

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Site Renamer

Update the site name to match your current theme name. Useful for local development!

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Prime Timeline

This plugin analyze the execution status of WordPress for debugging, performance check, and study.

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Add Page From Template

Are you tired to create pages through different environments?

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WP Log in Browser

Allows you to log data from your PHP WordPress code to your browser's console. Annoyed…

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hiWeb Core

The plugin allows you to quickly create Web sites on WordPress, immediately unpack and activate…

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All-in-One Debug Lab

The "All-in-One Debug Lab" plugin, makes it easy to search and locate errors in wordpress.

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Hilp – WordPress support

Got stuck on a problem? Get help and hand over the work to our developer…

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Code To Post

Import static Html to post content.

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