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포럼 - wpForo

wpForo comes with everything you need to run an efficient and professional community. Powerful and beautiful forum plugin with unique features

Forum wpForo is a new generation of WordPress forum plugins made by gVectors Team. Everything you need to run an efficient and professional community. Powerful and beautiful bulletin board with unique features.

Community and Demo: http://wpforo.com/community/
Documentation: http://wpforo.com/documentation/

Forums can be displayed with three different layouts

  1. Extended Layout: Classic forum layout with an unique feature to show one level deeper information. You can see latest topics of each forum on Forum List and latest posts of each topic on Topic List.
  2. Simplified Layout: Light, modern and beautiful forum layout with topic and post author avatars on forum and topic lists.
  3. Question and Answer Layout: Complete Question & Answers discussion board for professional support and for communities similar to Stack Overflow. Perfect platform for users to ask and answer questions, and, through membership and active participation, to vote up or down.

Available Translations

  • | Czech (cs_CZ) by Glados (The Witcher)
  • | German (de_DE) by Markus Herrmann
  • | Spanish (es_ES) Poncho Camacho
  • | Spanish (Mexico) (es_MX) Poncho Camacho
  • | Swedish (sv_SE) by Mathias Persson
  • | Persian (fa_IR) by wpforo.ir
  • | Hebrew (he_IL) Gal Zilberman
  • | Japanese (JA_ja) by Seg Way
  • | Korean (ko_KO) by Jeehwan Song
  • | Dutch (nl_NL) Ger Metselaar i.o.v. Parma multimedia BV
  • | Russian (ru_RU) by Dmitry Butkevich
  • | Polish (pl_PL) by Bogusław Górecki
  • | French (fr_FR) by Julien Coopmann | Florent Lanternier | Youri Le Cottier

wpForo Addons


  • | DESIGNED FOR ALL | You can use wpForo for small and extremely large communities. We keep improving plugin performance.
  • | FORUM LAYOUTS | The "Extended", "Simplified" and "Question & Answer" layouts fit almost all type of discussions needs.
  • | MOBILE FRIENDLY | wpForo is super responsive on all kind of devices. Adapted on all screen sizes. You get perfectly scaled layouts on desktop, tabs and smartphones.
  • | SEO FRIENDLY | Built-in SEO functions. SEO effective Permalinks, Titles, Meta Data, Open Graph tags, Smart heading, Crawling friendly content.
  • | THEME API | You can create and install new themes, copy the customized forum theme and keep it in active WordPress theme folder.
  • | EXTENDABLE | We also develop free (built-in) and paid addons. The first addons "Advanced File Attachments", "Polls", "Private Messages" and "Ad Manager" will be available very soon.
  • | MEMBER PROFILE SYSTEM | Beautiful, modern and informative profile system, with member statistic, bio, settings, activity and subscriptions pages.
  • | MEMBER RATING AND BADGES | User rating system based on number of posts. Nice Badges and Member Rating Titles per reputation level. Fully customizable.
  • | SUBSCRIPTION AND RSS FEED | Built-in forum/topic subscription with double opt-in subscription confirmation function. Separate forum/topic RSS2 feeds.
  • | EASY FORUM HIERARCHY | Drag and Drop forum management system. Easy to set Parent-Child relationship and forum list order.
  • | EASY FORUM MODERATION | All necessary moderation tools on each topic and post to make easy forum moderation. Fast and AJAX powered action will make it pleasure.
  • | STYLES AND CUSTOMIZATION | Styles with different colors, dozens of settings, options, switches to manage and integrate forum with your theme look and feel. Almost everything has its option to make it different.
  • | USERGROUPS AND PERMISSIONS | Built-in, powerful Usergroup system. Allows to create a new, manage and delete. All Usergroups have according permissions, with separate managing options.
  • | FORUM ACCESS ROLES | This is a set of access roles named e.g.: "Read Only", "Standard Access", "Moderation Access", "Full Access", etc.. to manage Usergroup accesses for each forum.
  • | LANGUAGE API & TRANSLATION | wpForo has its own Phrase System, which allows you to translate all phrases through Dashboard. And it supports WordPress .MO/.PO translation files.
  • | EASY TO MIGRATE | You can download Go2wpForo free migration tool from our support forum. This tool allows you migrate from different WordPress forum plugins to wpForo.

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Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
최근 업데이트: 7 일 ago
활성 설치: 10,000+


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