WS Form LITE – Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder for WordPress


Contact Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

WS Form LITE is a powerful contact form builder plugin for WordPress.

Create professional, mobile friendly, accessible forms. WS Form LITE comes complete with features other form builder plugins charge a premium for.

Choose from single click templates or build your own WordPress form using the unique drag and drop form editor.

Included Features

Page Builder Compatibility

Add forms to your website using your favorite WordPress page builder:

Theme / Framework Support

WS Form is compatible with all WordPress themes, and also outputs native HTML for the following front-end frameworks:

Upgrade to PRO

This plugin is the free LITE edition of WS Form PRO.

The PRO edition comes with unrivaled additional features:

and more!

Upgrade to WS Form PRO.

PRO Integrations

…. or use the Webhook action to integration with your own API.

PRO Custom Field Plugin Compatibility


WS Form was built with enterprise level performance in mind. WS Form does not interfere with the loading of other page or post content on your website and isolates submission records to ensure as your website grows your page load speed is not affected.

All form code is HTML 5 compliant and if your website theme uses a framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation WS Form automatically outputs code to suit that framework. This means your form loads as fast as possible without any unnecessary overhead typically found in other WordPress form plugins.

Click here to learn more about the WSForm performance features.

Extensive Field Types

WS Form comes complete with all the field types you need to build a contact form. Upgrade to WS Form PRO to take advantage of all the form field types available, including:

and more!

For Developers

WS Form PRO comes with a unique debug console that provides you with rapid, form population capabilities (perfect for form testing!), as well as comprehensive event and error logging.

3rd Party Use

WS Form includes the following third party components:

  • Date Format by Jacob Wright – Used for formatting server and post dates on the public JavaScript interface.
  • Intl-Tel-Input – Used for international telephone input
  • IntroJs – Used for tutorial feature.
  • Select2 – Used for AJAX select dropdowns
  • – Used for linking to field and field attribute compatibility pages

External Services

WS Form uses the following API endpoints to provide services within the plugin:

  • Google reCaptcha
    This endpoint is called when a form is submitted to validate a reCaptcha field.
    Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

  • hCaptcha
    This endpoint is called when a form is submitted to validate an hCaptcha field.
    Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

  • Turnstile
    This endpoint is called when a form is submitted to validate a Turnstile field.
    Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

  • WS Form – Knowledge base popular articles
    This endpoint is called when the support sidebar is opened to show popular knowledge base articles.
    Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

  • WS Form – Knowledge base search
    This endpoint is called when a knowledge base search is performed in the support sidebar to return knowledge article results.
    Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

  • WS Form – Support ticket requests
    This endpoint is called when a support ticket request is submitted in the support sidebar to create the support ticket and return the ticket ID.
    Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

  • WS Form – Deactivation feedback requests
    This endpoint is called when deactivation feedback is submitted to provide your feedback to WS Form.
    Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

  • WS Form – Select, checkbox and radio presets
    This endpoint is called when the preset option is selected for a select, checkbox or radio field to return the available presets and preset data (e.g. List of countries).
    Terms of Use / Privacy Policy


  • Form Layout Editor
  • Welcome Screen
  • Contact Form Submissions
  • Example Front-End Form


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  • Wsf Block Form Add


For help installing WS Form, please see our Installation knowledge base article.


How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team help validate, triage and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.


2024년 6월 13일
By far the best Wordpress form plugin. I can barely think of anything that this plugin does not provide. Thousands of options and connections and you have full control over every little detail. We are using it for so many processes on our website and even from our CRM, user forms, data automation, automated dynamic emails, creating very complex PDF documents, you name it. Our lead form, that is extremely complex and very vital to our business, is running entirely on this plugin. Using variables like #field(123) and the #if() #endif syntax are such an amazing concept. The forms are loaded very quickly and very customizable. Also, the WS Forms support team is by far the best I’ve ever seen. Insanely fast and always exactly the answer I was looking for, no first-level-support kind of answers at all. Thanks!
2024년 5월 29일
This review is very easy to write because there’s no doubt about the fact that WS form is THE form plugin, the best one. It takes a very short learning curve and is packed with features…and as if that wasn’t enough their support is simply great. Absolutely fantastic.
2024년 5월 28일
I recently helped build a WordPress site for a local nonprofit group as part of the Knowbility AIR competition, one key goal of the competition was that everything needed to be as accessible as possible. We searched and tested several form plugins before settling on WS Form because it was the most accessible of the bunch. After some user testing before final delivery of the site, we found a couple minor accessibility-related issues and decided to reach out about them. Mark responded right away with some background and a commitment to look into it soon. Sure enough, before the site needed to be delivered we were informed of a new version with the needed patches. Great product and equally great support!
2024년 5월 27일
Every interface to addons works perfectly and you can create incredibly flexible forms. In addition, very fast and expert support (which you rarely need, as the documentation is very well structured). Thank you for this great development. WS Form saves me several other plugins.
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