WS Form LITE – Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder for WordPress


WordPress Contact Form Builder Plugin

WS Form is a powerful contact form builder plugin for WordPress. Create professional, mobile friendly, accessible contact forms.

This plugin is the free LITE edition of WS Form PRO.

Choose from single click templates or build your own WordPress form using the unique drag and drop form editor on your desktop or mobile device.

WS Form is loaded with features out of the box that you often have to pay for with other form builder plugins.

Add contact forms to your pages or posts using the Gutenberg block or simply click the ‘Add Form’ button in the WordPress visual editor. A WordPress widget and shortcode are also available.

Included Features

Upgrade to PRO

The PRO edition comes with unrivaled features:

and more!

Upgrade to WS Form PRO.


WS Form was built with enterprise level performance in mind. WS Form does not interfere with the loading of other page or post content on your website and isolates submission records to ensure as your website grows your page load speed is not affected.

All form code is HTML 5 compliant and if your website theme uses a framework such as Bootstrap or Foundation WS Form automatically outputs code to suit that framework. This means your form loads as fast as possible without any unnecessary overhead typically found in other WordPress form plugins.

Click here to learn more about the WSForm performance features.

Extensive Field Types

WS Form comes loaded with all the field types you need to build a form. Upgrade to WS Form PRO to take advantage of all the form field types available, including:

and more!

For Developers

WS Form PRO comes with a unique debug console that provides you with rapid, form population capabilities (perfect for form testing!), as well as comprehensive event and error logging.

Third Party Credits

WS Form references the following third party components:

  • Date Format by Jacob Wright – Used for formatting server and post dates on the public JavaScript interface.
  • – Used for linking to HTML elements to show compatibility.
  • IntroJs – Used for tutorial feature.
  • Select2 – Used for AJAX select dropdowns


  • Form Layout Editor
  • Welcome Screen
  • Contact Form Submissions
  • Example Front-End Form


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  • WS Form LITE - Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder for WordPress


For help installing WS Form, please see our Installation knowledge base article.


2021년 6월 8일
You'll be hard-pressed to find a more flexible professional and complete form building solution for WordPress. I've mostly been using the paid agency license with huge add-on collection but the lite version will certainly give you more than the basics you need without withholding key features so you upgrade. I feel the highlights include: 1. Integrated support for frontend frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation makes this a great pairing for agencies building sites based on picostrap or understrap. 2. Code quality, documentation, and examples is at least as high-quality as any other form solution with a "pro" focus. 3. Updates to the core plugin and add-ons happens very frequently and issues that are reported are fixed incredibly fast; expect very frequent updates. 4. I don't feel like I ever have to tell a client I can't build a feature their business requires equipped with this system.
2021년 6월 6일
Built with HTML5, performance and accessibility in mind, WS Form Lite is definitely worth a closer look. The drag and drop building implementation is the best I’ve seen so far amongst form builders, the premium feature ads are subtle, framework detection a unique feature as far as I know, and the performance is incredible. Tiny CSS files. Really appreciate the effort made to make this form builder validate HTML, its privacy features and the WCAG compliance.
2021년 3월 24일
I've used several form plugins, most recently Formidable Forms which was I thought was the most advanced, develop-friendly one around. Not anymore. WS Form tops it with easier access to more complex features, and outstanding support from the friendliest, most helpful developer I've experienced out of ALL WP plugins I've ever used. Absolutely worth every penny.
2021년 3월 21일
I have tried many form plugins, Wsform is without a doubt the most powerful and intelligent. You can build anything from simple contact forms to complex forms, surveys, polls, calculations, advanced conditional logics etc. This plugin is both for the basic user and advanced developers.
2021년 3월 17일
Most flexible and reliable form plugin with tons of options and very easy to use. Thank for the outstanding support! Never had such a fast responding supportteam. Thanks a lot!
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  • Bug Fix: Form preview rendering in Gutenberg
  • Bug Fix: Field encoding post management populate values


  • Changed: Currency symbols to match WooCommerce


  • Bug Fix: Form submission limit


  • Bug Fix: Message action delay


  • Added: Change to placeholder CSS on inside field label positioning
  • Changed: Bricks element updated due to function names changing in Bricks theme core


  • Added: Hovering over tabs, sections and fields in the layout editor with the conditional logic sidebar open now highlights any conditional rows that contain those form elements


  • Bug Fix: Required span on calculated labels
  • Bug Fix: Calc firing on repeatable section row count changes


  • Added: Error logging on invalid feedback client side action


  • Added: Bootstrap 5 launch compatibility checks


  • Bug Fix: Conversational style dequeuing


  • Bug Fix: #email_tracking variable in email templates


  • Added: Conversational forms (Beta)
  • Changed: PRO licensing
  • Bug Fix: Numeric value return on data sources pulling ACF meta data


  • Bug Fix: Initial CSS build error


  • Added: Server-side form validation hook (
  • Added: Performance improvements with CSS engine
  • Bug Fix: Form deletion


  • Added: Date field: Disabled days
  • Added: Date field: Disabled dates
  • Added: Date field: Enabled dates


  • Bug Fix: Visual editor CSS file path issue


  • Bug Fix: x_wp_nonce JS error


  • Added: RTL support for new compiled skin system


  • Bug Fix: Redirect URL parsing now uses text/plain method


  • Bug Fix: Select all fixed on data grids using dynamic data sources


  • Added: Suggested knowledge base articles on support contact form
  • Bug Fix: ACF numeric field value population in select, checkbox and radio fields
  • Bug Fix: Min / max date validation


  • Added: Improved default invalid feedback text by field type
  • Added: Improved appearance of legal field for Foundation framework
  • Bug Fix: Server date fix for certain JavaScript engines


  • Added: Name to section library (first name, last name)
  • Bug Fix: Applied pre_render filter to submit API call


  • Added: Round robin support for the Send Email action
  • Added: Box shadow customization
  • Added: Updated version of date time picker JS


  • Added: Support for #text and #calc containing #select_option_text
  • Bug Fix: #text on date fields


  • Changed: Improved and consolidated admin UI icons
  • Bug Fix: 0 values to ACF fields


  • Bug Fix: Minor bug fix for legacy PHP versions and autocomplete data
  • Bug Fix: Validation of dates with period separators fixed for certain JavaScript engines


  • Bug Fix: Dependencies fix


  • Added: Improvement to Elementor pop-up handling
  • Added: Calc enabled from HTML fields
  • Added: Spacer height setting
  • Added: Enqueued script dependency filters (for PayTrace)
  • Added: CSS recompiled on upgrade
  • Changed: Delete icon continuity throughout admin
  • Bug Fix: Bricks preview now uses form preview
  • Bug Fix: Select2 CSS


  • Added: Enabled #text on server side to allow static fields to render correctly
  • Bug Fix: Price range slider help now correctly formats prices using #ecommerce_price
  • Bug Fix: Running actions with conditional logic no longer issues a session ID


  • Added: Hide tabs option (Form –> Settings)
  • Bug Fix: Elementor double initializing form events


  • Bug Fix: Shortcode for Oxygen on public contained visual editor attribute


  • Added: Bricks Element (
  • Changed: #pos to #positive, #neg to #negative for future compatibility


  • Added: New variable: #min(value, value …) – Returns the minimum of the supplied values
  • Added: New variable: #max(value, value …) – Returns the maximum of the supplied values
  • Added: New variable: #neg(value) – Returns the 0 if positive, original value if negative
  • Added: New variable: #pos(value) – Returns the 0 if negative, original value if positive


  • Added: Improved preview template auto detection
  • Added: Improved support for performance optimization plugins


  • Added: Improved Gutenberg block rendering


  • Added: Debug console now removes existing instances if wsf_form_init called


  • Added: Ability to use step of ‘any’ on number fields
  • Bug Fix: Elementor modals


  • Added: WS Form Oxygen element
  • Added: Improvements to JavaScript ws_form_init() function (Reinitializes all forms)
  • Added: Improved Beaver Builder, Elementor form initialization
  • Added: Improved Gutenberg block functionality
  • Added: Note that field deduplication does not work with encryption
  • Bug Fix: #calc on multiple select
  • Bug Fix: Gutenberg block SVG


  • Added: Client side #section_rows_start(section_id) / #section_rows_end


  • Changed: Removed ‘Read more’ link from visual editor in admin
  • Bug Fix: Visual editor link dialog flashed in Chrome if sidebar was minimized (Known Chrome issue)
  • Bug Fix: Military format for time in date field


  • Added: #text(field_id) variable (Allows you to duplicate field values in other fields)
  • Added: User status options for tabs (Logged in, logged out, user role, user capability)
  • Added: User status options for sections (Logged in, logged out, user role, user capability)
  • Added: User logged in, logged out, role and capability conditional logic IF conditions
  • Bug Fix: Encryption during WooCommerce checkout


  • Added: Custom Email HTML template
  • Added: Email Validation template
  • Added: Spam level set to 0 on validated submissions
  • Bug Fix: Validation of european date formats using periods


  • Added: #section_rows_start(section_id) / #sections_row_end for email templates
  • Added: Public config script optimizations
  • Bug Fix: Media library uploads


  • Bug Fix: Fixed hidden field validation for conditional logic validation


  • Added: Improved checks on conditional logic object integrity
  • Added: Implemented workaround for select2 not behaving properly with dynamically disabled options


  • Bug Fix: Conditional logic icons if condition deleted


  • Added: Improved signature validation
  • Added: Server side #ecommerce_price function
  • Added: Signature ‘Clear’ link text setting
  • Added: Google Map ‘Reset’ link text setting
  • Added: Password strength and visibility toggle text settings
  • Added: Various Bootstrap and Foundation CSS improvements


  • Added: WordPress 5.7 testing
  • Added: Support for tab conditional logic in Bootstrap and Foundation


  • Bug Fix: Conditional logic object ID lookups on form import
  • Bug Fix: Next / previous buttons on forms with tab validation
  • Bug Fix: Inside label positioning on e-commerce cart total field


  • Added: Conditional logic icons on tabs, sections and fields
  • Added: Highlight tabs, sections and fields when editing a condition


  • Bug Fix: Email template parsing


  • Bug Fix: Next / previous tab navigation on conditional logic disable
  • Bug Fix: Parse variable processing fix (Server-side)


  • Bug Fix: Media library upload with default file upload field


  • Bug Fix: New form default settings


  • Bug Fix: Required signatures on save


  • Added: Password visibility toggle icon
  • Added: Email validation via link in email
  • Added: Validate before saving option on save field
  • Bug Fix: Action format at on submission save


  • Bug Fix: Tab next/previous buttons if tab hidden with conditional logic


  • Bug Fix: Custom validity removal on hidden fields


  • Added: Section Library
  • Added: Section Library (Pre-built and ‘My Sections’ feature)
  • Added: Section and tab import and export
  • Added: Section and tab add to ‘My Sections’
  • Added: Improved tab management in layout editor (settings no longer obscure tab names)
  • Added: Performance improvement: Compiled CSS global setting
  • Added: Compliance with SCRIPT_DEBUG constant throughout (Minified CSS setting removed from Global Settings)
  • Added: Compiled and inline CSS enabled by default for new users
  • Added: Field and section search in Toolbox
  • Added: Various layout editor UI improvement
  • Added: DropzoneJS timeout setting
  • Added: Improve statistics gathering methods and error checking
  • Added: Latest version of DropzoneJS
  • Changed: Removed prefix on form error alerts
  • Bug Fix: Foundation 6+ Abide initialization on WooCommerce product pages
  • Bug Fix: Data encryption learn more link