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Check out the brand new features available only in Easy Code Manager PLUS below.

  • Information icon added to the toolbar for code block reporting. Popup allows you to view code block information including all your code block Assignments
  • SVG vector icons used for the code block toolbar
  • Username, Creation date, and Modified date added to code block toolbar
  • Compatibility for PHP 7.1+ (including PHP 7.2 and above)

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Best code management & injection plugin for WordPress

Easy Code Manager (ECM) is a powerful code management plugin for WordPress that gives you the tools to easily customise the appearance and functionality of your website. It allows you to add CSS, JavaScript, PHP or HTML code to unique code blocks and assign them anywhere.

Why Easy Code Manager?

  • Inject CSS, JS, PHP and HTML code to: Pages, Posts, Custom Posts, Categories, Tags, Auxiliary (e.g. Everywhere, All Posts, Blog Index, etc), URLs, Regex, Inverted Assignments and more
  • The editor was developed for writing code and will not strip tags
  • Why create custom plugins? Just add scripts from the web such as CodeCanyon, JSFiddle or GitHub
  • Easily create and test all of your scripts in one dashboard
  • Add all your front-end mods without touching core Theme files
  • Add back-end functionality without touching core WordPress files
  • No need for FTP. Add your code, click Save, see the change
  • Add your social, YouTube, Google analytics or advertising code
  • Streamline your website development whether solo or in a team
  • Teach yourself to code or teach others to code in the classroom
  • And… probably a million other uses

Why purchase Easy Code Manager PLUS?

The Easy Code Manager PLUS extension plugin gives you more options, more tools, and more precision. Click to Learn More

Benefits of PLUS

  • Inject code via ECM Shortcodes, ECM Metabox code blocks, and ECM Widgets for your sidebar or footer
  • Powerful editing environment with stacks of must-have editing tools like auto-formatting and syntax highlighting
  • Beautify feature to tidy up your code like a Pro for readability
  • Minify feature to compress code for boosting performance
  • 32 light and dark editor themes to suits your editing style
  • Full-width and Full-screen modes for distraction-free editing
  • Code Auto Completion feature for auto-completion and insertion of CSS, JS, PHP, and HTML code syntax or snippets
  • Revisions system to auto-backup your code blocks on each save

Easy Code Manager PLUS has been extensively tested with over 100 code blocks and 1000’s of Assignments (e.g. Posts, Pages, Categories, etc). It was all made possible using a combination of AJAX scrolling and pagination. Also, ECM PLUS gives you a quick pagination dropdown selector, which is super-handy if your site has hundreds or even thousands of posts.

New Feature – ECM Commenting

We have added START and END comments for each of the four main code block injection types: ECM Assignments, ECM Widgets, ECM Shortcodes, and ECM Metabox code blocks. You can now go into the Page Source and perform a search for these comments to quickly find your code block within the source code. This is a great ECM PLUS feature for debugging!

Sound Good?

We want you to buy, try, and rely on the premium ECM PLUS extension plugin so we have made the pricing very low. Click for Pricing

How does it work?

Easy Code Manager is designed to be easy to learn and fun to use. In fact, adding scripts and styles can be done in as little as two steps:

  • adding your code directly into unique code blocks
  • assigning where these code blocks go

ECM code blocks can be assigned to the header of pages, posts, and categories. If you require more placement accuracy, then you can use code block shortcodes and place them directly in the editor of your page or post.


Copyright © 2018, Wipeout Media.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.


  • Add your CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or HTML code to unique Easy Code Manager code blocks
  • Assign code blocks to Pages, Posts and Categories via the Assignment Panel
  • Code block shortcodes can be copied and pasted directly into your Pages or Posts


  1. If you’re upgrading from older versions its highly recommended to backup your database before upgrading.
  2. Upload the ‘easy-code-manager’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Click ‘Easy Code Manager’ link in the main navigation (left side of your Dashboard).


Why was the ECM plugin developed and what is it used for?

The ECM plugin was created to help website authors write their own code. The plugin allows you to contribute to your WordPress installation code via a simple web interface, where you can modify and extend the functionality and appearance of your website by writing code directly into ECM code blocks. A typical example of using the plugin can include changing the the way a specific WordPress page is displayed, or making a page more interactive by adding some JavaScript (Dynamic HTML).

What is a ECM ‘code block’?

The ECM code block is the basic unit for writing code and to associate it with specific WordPress requests.

What is the Assignment Panel?

The Assignment Panel is a tabs window, which appears on the right side of the code block editor and is used to assign/apply the code block into specific requests.

Can you select more than one item from the Assignment Panel?

Yes. You can select any number of items you need, there is no limitation regarding this.

Can you assign multiple blocks to the same items from the Assignment Panel?

Yes. It’s one of the most useful features that ECM supports as it allows you to manage/split your codes into several code blocks, allowing you to override code in a former (or lower ordered) code block.

What are Pages, Posts, and Categories tabs?

These lists with checkboxes represent all of your WordPress Pages, Posts, and Categories that your entire website contains. It also supports subpages and sub-categories, which you will also find in there.

Can I use shortcodes in my posts or pages for the code blocks?

Yes, you can use shortcodes to insert code blocks onto your desired post or page.

Can I move the blocks around?

Yes, by hovering your mouse cursor over the code block title bar until it turns into a four-sided arrow, this allow you to move the blocks. Clicking the block title bar allows you to open and close the blocks.

Are code blocks saved after I click ‘Create’ in ‘Create New Code Block’ form?

Yes. The block is created and saved in your database. In order to discard the block, you have to delete it.

Are ordering of code blocks immediately saved after drag-and-drop actions?

No. In order to save the new code block order, you need to press ‘Save All Changes’ button.

Are code blocks permanently deleted after it has been removed from the blocks list page?

No. After you delete the code block, you need to click ‘Save All Changes’ button.

I received a weird error, what do I do now?

We try to cover most of the issues here but there is always a possibility of unexpected errors. Please post your issue or question in our Support Forum on WordPress.org and we will try our best to assist you further.


2018년 October 26일
I started using CJT some years ago and I cannot make anything without it or ECM anymore. The ease of adding whatever CSS or JS wherever you like with great precision and control is irreplaceable. My only gripe was a pesky PHP error when switching to PHP 7.2+ The new version of ECM solves it. Great plugin!
2018년 July 30일
We've been using ECM for 6 months now, and we love it. We have multiple developers working on multiple sites that all use ECM. We've built up a pretty extensive JavaScript enviornment, and ECM has been completely reliable and problem free.
2017년 November 15일
i try to adding some code of html + css + js https://codepen.io/stlwebdev/pen/PPdBYL i dont know coding and the plugin dont help !!!!
2017년 October 3일
I have been using the CJT for years and with the new easy-code manager it continues to deliver what it promises. It makes life of a develoepr much easier by allowing to place custom code anywhere on the pages that I want.
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  • Improved variable security throughout the plugin.
  • Fix: Bugs fixed.
  • Fix: PHP notices and warnings fixed.


  • Update: Updated Ace Editor to its latest version.
  • Fixed: SQL vulnerability with uninstaller file is fixed.


  • Fixed: Installation procedure on fresh install of ECM.


  • Enhancement: SVG vector icons used for the code block toolbar
  • Fixed: Save functionality was not saving. This is now fixed
  • Fixed: Compatibility for PHP 7.1+ (including PHP 7.2 and above)


  • Enhancement: START and END comments for ECM Assignments, ECM Shortcodes, and ECM Metabox code blocks. You can now go into the Page Source and perform a search for these comments to quickly find your code block within the source code.
  • Feature: Added a code beautify feature to the editor to assist with tidying up your code for readability
  • Feature: Added a code minify feature to the editor for compressing CSS and JavaScript code to boost performance


  • This is the very first release.